Don’t sit so close to me

This morning I came into work early.  I’m taking a half day to beat the Easter weekend traffic to CT and the earlier I come in, the earlier I’ll be out.

What did this mean for my commute?  It meant that the trains were on time–and practically empty.  It was awesome.  No one was even close to me.

Until 59th street that is.

A girl got on the train and sat RIGHT ON TOP OF ME.  I mean, there is an empty train car and she plopped right next to me (and my big suitcase) like it was a crowded rush hour train.

Don’t believe me?

don't mind the poor, unsuspecting kid at the end of the bench.  i don't have blurring technology at work.
don't mind the poor, unsuspecting kid at the end of the bench. i don't have blurring technology at work.

Do you SEE her proximity to my personal space?!  I kept wanting to ask her to just scooch down a bit, but you can’t really do that so I just sat there.  Sighing and giving her looks and being passive aggressive about the whole thing.  But honestly, creepy girl, WHAT is your deal?!

There is a concept known as “personal space”.

Learn it.

Embrace it.

Respect it.


24 thoughts on “Don’t sit so close to me

  1. Maybe she was just afeared of that scary looking person at the end of the bench. Were you a train-pillow or security blanket. You and the rest of the world will never know…

  2. she was probably scared of being alone. i would have just gotten up and moved, made her feel all awkward for sitting there, make her think she smelled bad or something.

    i love when i have the whole car to myself…sigh

  3. Matt: She didn’t smell one way or the other, which all things considered was good. Do you think she had a crush on me?

    Dave: He wasn’t even that scary! Plus, I wasn’t asking she sit next to him–just not on top of me!

    lucklys: I totally could have freaked her out by doing that. I considered getting up too but I thought she’d just follow me.

  4. i have an enormous personal space range… that shit would drive me nuts! as soon as her butt touched the seat you should have gotten up and moved. that would teach her a lesson.
    … maybe she as scared of that kid over there and she was thinking “strength in numbers, us little white girls gotta’ stick together”

  5. My goodness! She could at least have sat across from you but this? This borders on “get the hell away from me before I punch you in the f#@*# face!” I wonder what she would have done if you’d moved?

  6. My only experience with trains was in Korea. I knew about three Korean phrases, all to the effect of an extremely enthusiastic “thank you”.

    I just had to hang on, and try not to get hurt. Crazy train drivers.

  7. Seriously, this is one of my pet hates! Why? WHY do people do this??? I am convinced they are some sort of sociopath because normal people would realise it might annoy someone if they sit virtually on top of them in a practically empty train. So either they have no awareness at all, or they get off on the waves of hostility coming off their “victim”.

    Idiots. :(

  8. One time I was covering a school board meeting and grabbed a spot at the end of the second to last row. There was no one else in my row and no one in the row in front of me. Many other rows were quite sparse, too, although the row behind me had some people in it and filled up before the meeting started. Anyway, right as the meeting was starting, some random dude rolls all up in there and just cops a squat RIGHT NEXT TO ME. I was pissed. I’m just glad I managed to take some notes related to the meeting, because if I didn’t, I probably woulda turned in some story about the dorkchop who was all up in my zone.

  9. Oh YIKES!
    That is wrong on so many levels!!!!
    i would have just got off my seat and moved. I truly don’t understand some people!!!
    In case you can’t tell, I’m big on personal space too :)

    I used to have a problem on my bus because all the Asian people would insist on sitting next to me, around me and almost on top of me, before filling up all the other empty seats on the almost empty bus! Yes, I’m Asian by appearance so don’t think I’m being racist. It was just weird!

  10. NSJ: But he really wasn’t that scary! Plus, survival of the fittest, I’d have thrown her ass towards him and run.

    Dingo: YES! Exactly! All the seats across from me were empty too!

    sour: I think that’ll be my plan for next time.

    MinD: Well that is true, she was thankfully not a stinker.

    Heather: Some days here all you can do is hold on and hope not to get hurt!

    katelin: You know what they say, “Secret, strong enough for a man, but made to attract the creepers.”

    Paula: “Normal” is the key word here. Normalcy was totally missing from this situation haha!

    dmb5_libra: Oooh, if I can get my personal space back AND give someone a complex, that’s even better!!

    Jessica Lynn: Total creeper! And thanks for stopping by–I hope my tendency to take pictures of unsuspecting commuters hasn’t scared you off ;)

    andhari: I should have b/c she was doing her best to avoid my dirty looks–she kept staring at that dude at the end of the row!

    joshlos: I can’t focus on anything else you said b/c I’m too busy laughing my face off at the use of the word “dorkchop.” I’m going to start integrating that into my daily conversation (I’ll give you full credit, of course).

    Kez: Hahahaha. That is all.

    Astharis: Most New Yorkers LOVE empty cars! We’re all tempted to just spread out, homeless-style on the seats. (Okay, that’s a lie, but we do love the space!).

    Matt: See, now that makes more sense.

  11. Actually – a great photo and social commentary. Just enough of both faces to tell a story – although I’m thinking the real story is on your face!

  12. You know, something like that happened to me the other day. My g/f and I went out to eat lunch at Mellow Mushroom, and there was a wait. So we sit in a corner and look over the menu. This lady, holding her child mind you, sits literally on top of me. Just like your photo. I have a really big bubble, so I was huffing and giving “the look” every 5 seconds, to no avail. These people SUCK!

    Oh, and ps – you are my blog swappy partner majig for 20 something bloggers. You can email me if you’d like so we can set something up.


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