What a difference you see with the dentist

For about 8 months now I’ve been meaning to schedule a dentist appointment.  There’s no pressing need really, just that 8 months ago I finally got insurance and I needed to schedule a cleaning.  Oh, and this one other tiny thing.

I need to have my 2 broken front teeth replaced.

When I finally got my insurance, 11 months after moving to the city, I searched around for really good doctors.  In November I got a recommendation for my lady doctor but still hadn’t heard about a good general physician.  Since I’m in decently good shape, nothing too wrong with me (other than my acid reflux and tendency to throw out my back), I figured I’d just book with the doctor’s office below my apartment building.

I called the lady doctor first.  My appointment would be in February.  Are you kidding me?  How many months away was that?  I kind of assumed that this was because she, and her practice, came highly recommended and therefore had people clamoring to get in all the time.  Besides, the co-worker who passed her info along said she always waited about 3 months for an appointment but it was definitely worth it–this chick new her stuff.  Fine, I’ll wait.

Then I called to book my regular doctor.  That appointment?  End of February.  What the hell, NYC health system?!  I swear I’ve never waited this long for doctor’s appointments (though this does remind me of an incident with strep throat in college that I’ll have to discuss later…).

My appointment with the lady doctor was worth the wait–the woman knew what she was talking about and was very helpful (ooh, sorry, I guess I should have warned the male readers–specifically my father and brother–that they may want to just skim this post.  whoops!).  The general physician however was kind of a moron nimwit joke.  When I told her I got migraines and asked what she could do for that, her response was “make sure you stay hydrated.”  Yeah, lady, drinking water will not have the same effect as say, Immitrex.

Anyway, after that appointment was such a massive waste of time I decided I needed to really scout out a good dentist.  I asked around for awhile and finally Rebecca suggested her dentist.  Said he was the best.  Totally fabulous.

So I called his office today.  I figured I’d need at least a 3 month-lead time for just the cleaning and then, who knows how long it would take to schedule the repair work.

What happened?  I got in for Monday morning.  No 3-month wait.  It was 4 days.  4 measley days.  86 days less than what I was waiting to see any other health care professional.  WHAT?!  And this guy isn’t some chintzy dentist either.  Their web site has directions to their office via air.  AIR people!  That means he’s got patients flying in to see him he’s so fabulous.

Now, let’s just hope he takes my insurance….




Oh please, calm down people.  Of COURSE I asked if they took my insurance before I booked.  They’re double checking.  That’s all.

Oh, and I promise I’ll get into the whole “my 2 front teeth are broken” story tomorrow.  Pinky swear!


7 thoughts on “What a difference you see with the dentist

  1. hahaha, good, because my comment was going to be “you broke your two front teeth?!?”

    but now it can be this, oh and i love my dentist. you can fly down here to mine too… it was love at first visit. they gave me a little tour and listed out all the drugs they dole out. heaven, just heaven.

  2. once i was dating someone who got a rash on his arm. we went to the walk-in clinic together and the doctor literally didn’t look at us once
    he prescribed some kind of ointment
    he talked, he asked questions
    didn’t even look at the rash. we were in there for like ten minutes
    now that’s a shitty doctor

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