What’s your deal CW/Pix 11?

Every Monday and Tuesday night Rachel and I park ourselves in our living to watch hour upon glorious hour of CW programming*.  We rush to make dinner before Gossip Girl starts and then we’re pretty much sedentary until we’ve seen the clips for next week’s One Tree Hill (though to be fair, Rachel is less invested in OTH than I am).

But this year the CW has decided to be, how shall I phrase this, sporadic at best with their scheduling.  We forgave them last year, given that everyone was striking about something but figured that programming would be back to normal this year.  Nay.  Gossip Girl took a longer winter break than I ever had in school.  But in January GG and OTH returned, with all new episodes, so I forgave the CW.

Until February, when they announced that after just 5 short weeks back they would be taking a 5 week break.  Really, CW, is that how we’re going to play it?  5 weeks on/5 weeks off?  Rachel and I were annoyed.  Again.  What were we to do without our weekly GG fix?  And for that matter, what were we supposed to read on Tuesday’s without our DailyIntel GG recaps?

I must admit, I was not happy about the scheduling.  But again, I was willing to let it go.  Until this Monday.  When it was announced that in THREE WEEKS we could see another new episode.  REALLY CW?!  REALLY?  You’ve been back for a measly 3 weeks and that’s it?  You’re taking another break?

As annoying as it that shows like Lost and 24 disappear for 8 months at a time, at least they don’t drag out the season like this.  Showing a few new episodes before jumping right back into reruns.  Even ABC family** runs like this.  A “season” can run from January to March, no repeats required and then take a few months off to return again, say, July to September.  That’s how MTV rolls.

As for our Tuesday nights, well, after it’s own lengthy hiatus, 90210 (which Rachel and I can’t honestly say we enjoy but still somehow managed to get sucked into) has returned.  For 8 weeks.  And they are announcing it like it’s some hugely innovative concept.  For 8 weeks, we’ll show you new episodes of a show.  You’re going to think this is awesome until you realize that all we’re really doing is finishing the season without airing any reruns.  Yeah, you didn’t realize that 8 weeks would take you to the end of May and that’ll end the season anyway, did you?  Ah hahahaha!***

The only redeeming quality that we’ve found on the CW in the past few weeks is the Pix 11 News at 10.  Which takes advantage of the commercial breaks to warn about the dangers of Smartie Smoking (that kid was our favorite).

So that’s it, CW.  I guess I’ll see you tonight for Top Model (since you’re not bothering me with reruns of that show–yet).  And I’ll bring my Smarties.



  • It should also be noted that we do this on Wednesdays as well but since Top Model isn’t screwing around with the schedule, they get a free pass.  Additionally, we are parked pretty much every weeknight watching hour upon glorious hour of some station’s programming.
  • *Yes, I’ll admit, Rachel and I DO have shows on ABC Family that we’ve been sucked into.  And I’m okay with that.  And do you know why?  Because now, when GG decides to take 5 weeks off, I have something else to fill that time slot.
  • **I may have paraphrased that a bit.

NOTE: WordPress has suddenly decided not to let me make footnotes anymore and is instead turning my * into bullet points.  I don’t know why.


6 thoughts on “What’s your deal CW/Pix 11?

  1. I’m a HUGE 1th fan – all seasons on DVD and I forego plans every Monday to sit in front of the TV, no lie – and was quite disappointed when I saw we’d have to wait three weeks.

    There’s a friend back home and we text throughout the show and at the exact same moment we both said “did they just say three weeks!?” And with those previewss, I do NOT want to wait that long.

    P.S. Word on the street is Hilary Burton didn’t renew her contract for next season… Eep.

  2. Matt: That’s pretty likely. I mean, look at some of their shows….

    rs27: Actually I thought Serena’s boobs did a much better job this week than in past weeks. They may make the move to 3rd worst.

    MinD: Oh yeah, they’re totally gonna kill her off. I think it’s more them, than her. You can actually check out what she has to say about it on her blog: http://southerngothicproductions.blogspot.com/2009_02_26_archive.html

    dmb5_libra: That was the same reaction the news anchor had. Actually, to be fair, her’s was more of a “uh…kids?” kind of thing–she had NO clue how to respond to that story!

  3. Ha, I definitely already watched that about a week ago.

    And I wasn’t sure if it was her or them. She’s obviously unhappy with the way Peyton’s being scripted these days, so did the production decide to just kill her? Or did she choose not to sign a new contract because she didn’t like the direction her character was taking?

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