My faith in journalism has been restored

Did anyone else see the front page of the Post yesterday? No?  Well in case you didn’t see it, here’s what you missed:

(The picture is actually from the Web site, b/c unfortunately it didn't occur to me to save the image yesterday. And I'll forever be kicking myself for that!)

Okay, do you all see what that says? It says pussy whipped!


Right there, on the front page of the paper.  Can I even tell you how excited I was to see that?  To know that not ALL newspaper editors are instituting the “no pun, no fun, just the facts” policy that mine did?  To know that there are still creative people out there who really want to get a rise out of people AND use a sexual ineundo on the front page of the paper–and who can get away with it?!  To know that irreverent headlines live on?!

Let’s just say that my inner-nerd was having one of the best days ever yesterday.


12 thoughts on “My faith in journalism has been restored

  1. Matt: Right?! The rents were up this weekend and when we came into the apartment my roommate (a journ major too) and I both flipped out about how much we loved it while my parents just shook their heads.

    NSJ: Ah, that’d be a dream come true.

    Ben: Or not. It is the Post after all.

    Heather: Yeah…”wow” covers it though haha!

    Lauren: Right? SO good!

    sour: You are welcome.

    andhari: Haha totally the best!

    MinD: Don’t you wish we could have gotten away with headlines like that in all those journ classes?

    apollo: One of my favorite parts of the story as well, trust me.

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