Some brief thoughts…

Not quite short enough for Twitter, not quite long enough to deserve a post of their own.

Brief thoughts on the Duggar’s:

I realize I’m the last person to talk about the infamous 17 kids and counting, wait, baby makes 18, family but I don’t care.  Roomie and I watched the show last night and we heard, well, some disturbing things.

A daughter (on the Duggar family hairstyle): Well, we all have long hair because my dad likes long hair. Does anyone else find this weird?  Like, ‘hey, why’d you buy that blue top?’ ‘oh, you know, ‘cuz my dad likes blue.’   Seems odd….

Another daughter (on changing the oil): I dripped oil on the camera but it wasn’t my fault.  It dripped because my father did not inform me that it was about to come. Okay, Rachel and I almost choked on lemonade and fell off the couch, respectively, when we heard that.  We were SHOCKED to hear that the editing crew let that one through.

A son: Jackson, stop it!  You made it splatter everywhere!  Again…what’s going on with the editing crew?

Rachel and I assumed that this crew hates that they got this show and since they are weirdly creeped out by the concept of a family that’s 9 times bigger than the average family, they are doing their best to make sure that the lines and footage they keep in really reflect the “crazy.”

Brief thoughts on the MTA/Albany:

New Yorkers are pissed.  And if they aren’t yet, they will be by March 25th.  Know why?  That’s the day that monthly unlimited MetroCard jumps, nay leaps, sky rockets even, from $81/month to $103/month.  That’s a $22 hike.  That is UNBELIEVABLE.  Like the signs say, for $103 there should be “a sauna, a pool and Pilates classes down there.”

Not only do I know have to shell out an extra $20 and change a month, I also have to have my route suffer.  AT LEAST once a week for the past 5 weeks I have gotten to 33rd street, a mere 2 stops away from my stop, only to hear the conducter make the dreaded announcement: “Attention all passengers, the next stop on this train will be 14th street.”

Do you know what happened to me today?  I heard that same freaking announcement.  I heard it after I battled to even make it to 33rd street w/o people yelling, pushing, shoving, and slamming in the face with their purses (I was INCHES from getting a bag to the nose).  And so I schlepped myself, my purse, and the 2 extra bags full of crap for work off the train.  Then I got shoved out of the way by a fat chick who couldn’t see that I had more bags than I could handle and figured that slamming her large ass into my little frame was the best way to act (a simple “excuse me” would have worked wonders).

I  high-tailed it to the other end of the tracks, hoping for better luck as I got away from the middle of the train.  No such luck.  I watched another over-crowded train, the 4th I’d seen that morning (including the few that passed us by at 96th and the one we finally shoved onto) shut its doors, me still on the outside.  After another few minutes I finally made it on to a train, where a businessman sat, unabashedly chewing his fingers and unnecessarily taking up 2 spots on the bench, and eventually got to 23rd street.

So I have this to say to you, MTA and Albany/the NY government: get your shit together.  Hurry the hell up with that 2nd avenue line.  STOP skipping stops during rush hour (which I know is something that I harp on nearly every time it happens…I swear, I’ll stop now!).  It’s really not doing anyone any favors.  In fact, it’s making things worse.

Oh, and if you see an angry mob led by a short girl with a mop of curly hair on her head–run.  Run far and run fast because that means I’ve finally snapped, assembled a mob of like-minded commuters (slash* bloggers), and the end result, well, it won’t be pretty.

Brief thoughts on spelling out punctuation marks*:

I have always said “slash” in conversation.  Don’t expect me to stop just b/c I have a blog and I’m working with the written/typed word and can just type a “/”.  It’s just not the same and every so often I like to type a good “slash.”


14 thoughts on “Some brief thoughts…

  1. Here’s the thing though: the MTA sucks and always will. It fucks up all the time and won’t ever be perfect, so it’s kind of pointless to get mad about it.

    Of course I still bitch about it non-stop too, it’s what makes us NYers.

  2. it’s complete bullshit that the price is going up so high, especially when more people now than ever are taking the public transportation, and it’s not even semi-reliable.

  3. i love when businesses just drastically raise their rates without actually offering a better service. same service, more money.
    i’m always tempted to approach my boss and just drop a quick, “oh, and by the way, as of 4/1/09 i’ll be requiring my salary to go up $20k. thanks!” and just go back to my desk and continue to do the same work as always.

  4. I’m just imagining you leading mob of people to the MTA office with a subway conductor hat on a stick and a baseball bat.

    I love imagery.

  5. I watched “we have 18 children and we’re retarded” last night, and saw a preview for yet ANOTHER show about lots of kids. Oy. I’m def planning a blog post about that.

  6. apollo: And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

    andhari: You Googled?! Did you think I made something *that* crazy up!? Not possible!

    lucklys: “not even semi-reliable” is such an understatement!

    Matt: I support your hyphenation.

    NSJ: Hm…I kind of want to try that myself.

    rs27: That is a good image. Something I should enlist Dingo’s help in recreating for the blog (hear that Dingo?!)

    MinD: Oh yeah, there’s the Duggars, Jon and Kate plus 8 (or what Boo/Joel McHale like to call it, Jon minus 9), and now there’s Table for 12. Pair those w/Octo-Crazy and Angelina is going to start getting SERIOUSLY jealous.

  7. OK, so I hope you take this the right way. Because it’s coming from a girl who loves New York. Whose brother lives in New York. Who tries to visit every year at least once, if not more. But, your complaints about riding the train? First, it is the exact reason why so many people seem to hate NY. The pushing. The lack of respect for others. The things I think you kind of have to accept when choosing to live in New York. Second? The economy is staging for tough tough times for lots of people and organizations. Your transit isn’t immune to higher costs and fewer services. We’re all feeling it. And finally? Your transit system still kicks the ass of most other transit systems. Take it from this Chicago girl – there is no comparison!

  8. katelin: Haha really? You mean you can’t get on board with a family of 20?

    Nilsa: Sure, I get where you’re coming from. But, in an economy where no one in the city can afford to drive (or to park for that matter), and where let’s face it, economy aside, driving really isn’t feasible, it’s frustrating to have the only way to access my office slammed with delays, reroutes, etc. If people in the burb’s only had a one-lane road to get any and everywhere, they’d freak out. That’s what the trains are like. That’s why, when there is ONE “sick” passenger at 86th street, THOUSANDS of other passengers are delayed, underground, for extended periods of time. I’m sure our trains beat the other systems hands down, but, like Apollo said, we wouldn’t be New Yorkers if we didn’t complain about it.

  9. Erica: Haha omg, I haven’t read those yet but I’ll be looking into them asap. I can’t believe Jinger wants out! Well, actually, they gave her the misspelled stripper name before running out of the normal names like Jessica and Jennifer, so I don’t totally blame her.

  10. I’m one of those excessive comma users. Wanna keep talking, but not sure if you’re ready to change to another, equally as relative, sentence?

    Judge away. I know I have a problem/disorder. ^__^

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