THON 2009 TOTAL: $7,490,133.87

This year, THON raised an INCREDIBLE $7.49 MILLION dollars for the Hershey Medical Center and the 4 Diamonds Fund!

And you guys, dear readers, raised an awesome $80.25 via your comments.  One generous and awesome reader decided to match what you guys raised so the total donation from The Strict Shenaniganist readers was $160.50!!

I really want to thank all of you guys for totally rallying around a great cause.  You guys took to your blogs and to Twitter and brought THON, 10 cents at a time, closer to curing pediatric cancer.  I want to thank each and every person who commented during the past 100 days.  For the new readers who stopped by to help out, THANK YOU! and welcome to the blog!  For the daily readers but first-time commenters who took this opportunity to comment and say “hey”, THANK YOU!! and feel free to keep commenting!  And to my loyal, every day readers/commenters who really went above and beyond to help reach that $100 goal that we had, THANK YOU!!!  you guys really are the best!

One reader took this challenge and commented more than any other reader, so, to Matt, thanks for your 64 comments all FOR THE KIDS!

Everyone, congratulations on the awesome job you did commenting to raise money!  And to the dancers, moralers, videographers, and EVERYONE who was involved with THON this weekend, congratulations on an AMAZING weekend!

I am 7.49 MILLION kinds of proud to be a Penn State alum today :)

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15 thoughts on “THON 2009 TOTAL: $7,490,133.87

  1. Wow!
    I have to say that this lil campaign of yours started me commenting here – and just because it’s over I’m not going to stop! You’re stuck with me now ;)

  2. I just stumbled across your blog today. Very funny. It’s like what the Mary Tyler Moore Show would have been if it were a blog, and if it had been set in New York instead of Minneapolis, and if Mary had dropped the occasional F-bomb.

    Anyway, keep up the good work.

  3. Kristen/andhari/M.O.L: YAY! YAY!! YAY!!!

    apollo: See, you could handle charity if it were always this labor unintensive.

    Gretchen/Jamie: Thanks! They beat last year’s total by something like $847,000.00

    Erica: Haha well good–I’m glad you’re sticking around :)

    Waldo: Hahaha that’s an awesome compliment–thanks :) I hope you keep stopping by!

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