One day we will dance in celebration, until then we will dance for a cure!

Today is THON!!!!

So far, you guys and your comments have raised $74.75 (I already added in this week’s comments!)

That’s an incredible number for an incredible cause.  I promised I’d donate up to $100 so let’s see if we can get there with comments by midnight tonight!  Remember, it’s 10 cents for every comment!

And now, to really get you in the THON spirit, I want to show some of my favorite THON videos from throughout the years:

THON 2008 Line Dance

THON 2007 Line Dance

Don’t Waste One Minute (if you pick any video to watch, make it THIS one!)

Coincidentally, consider this my 20sb Vlog–because this weekend, this event, these kids–THIS is what I love!

Don’t forget–if you want to watch THON online to see what it’s really all about, check out the live feed on–from the first moment they stand up until the dancers sit down on Sunday night you can watch it all!

So come on guys–let’s make this happen!  Let’s get to that $100 goal–FOR THE KIDS!!!!!!


108 thoughts on “One day we will dance in celebration, until then we will dance for a cure!

  1. I just saw a tweet on Twitter that invited us to come comment to help cure pediatric cancer and I couldn’t resist :)

    Great idea you have here and a wonderful way to get people involved.

    Best wishes,

    Stephanie Ciccarelli
    C0-founder of

  2. Thanks to everyone who has commented so far! This is AWESOME! Keep up the comments and let’s see if we can make it to $100 by midnight tonight!!!

    Remember–it’s 10 cents for every comment so comment as much as you can b/w now and midnight!

    And hey, if you read but don’t normally comment, now’s your chance to de-lurk and make a difference!!!


  3. And I’ll comment AGAIN! That makes fifty cents from me tonight. Which may be the last cos I’m drunk and therefore it’s almost my involuntary bedtime . . .

  4. Sat down at the computer at 6 this AM to get some work done but first hit the live Thon link. Clicked it up full screen. Big Mistake. Still watching. Am touched at all the students who got up early on a Saturday AM to do their shtick to help the dancers stay on their feet. Amazing. FTK!

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