He IS my sweet baboo!

Today is my 2-year anniversary with Boo!

This picture was taken exactly 1 year after we met. 2 years after this picture was taken and we're still going strong!

Happy Anniversary Boo–here’s to many many more!


*And yes, that’s all you get today b/c it’s the day before THON and that’s where we met and I just need to remind you all to COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT b/c tomorrow is the last day to raise money via comments!  10 cents for EVERY SINGLE COMMENT!!  Get typing!  And get excited–tomorrow will be some of my favorite THON pics and vids from the years!


33 thoughts on “He IS my sweet baboo!

  1. Happy Anniversary!! May you enjoy many more together. Unless he turns out to be a cheating, lying asshole. In which case, dump him quickly and enjoy!!


    Happy happy anniversary and happy THON tomorrow!

  2. Wow, that looks a lot meaner in print. So just ignore what I said and have a wonderful anniversary together. I hope you stay happy forever!!!!!

  3. Kristen: Thanks so much!

    Matt: Thanks!!

    Daisee579: Haha, uh…thanks! And thanks for the comments–FTK!

    Gretchen: Thanks so much!

    rs27: We are, of course, at THON in that pic!

    andhari: Thanks!

  4. Hey Lauren – your “sweet Baboo” ? Are you a peanuts fan as I seem to remember Sally Brown (yep Charlie’s li’l sis) calling Linus that?

    Please tell me, as I will be kept awake at night otherwise…..

    Love xx

    Kev in the UK (weird name I know…but heck !)

  5. MinD: Haha thanks!

    M.O.L.: Thank you!

    Heather: Aw, thank you!

    Erica: Thanks!!

    dmb5_libra: Thanks!!!

    Andy: Haha thanks Andy!

    Meg: Thank you!

    Kev: Heck yes I’m a Peanuts fan!! That’s totally where Boo got the nickname from :)

    Kez: Thank you!

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