THON Update: 2/9-2/16

THON is this Friday!!!  Which means that there are only 5 more days to make your comments count*!!!

For those of you who may just be stumbling on this site, click here to read about what I’m doing.  5 cents for every comment on every new post b/w November 12 and February 20, up to $100.  I’m not counting pingbacks or my own comments either.  I’ve decided to switch things up a bit.  You guys have been great with the comments so from now until THON weekend, I’ll be donating 10 cents per comment i/o just 5!

The total for the past week is:

$14.20 (plus the poll results!)

The total so far is:


Keep up the comments!!!  ForTheKids!!

This is the final push–make it count you guys!  EVERY comment is worth 10 cents so let’s reach our $100 FOR THE KIDS!!!!!

*Comments will be counted until midnight on 2/20!


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