The day Big Teddy blew away

It was a windy November day.

I was nearly 4.

And I was clutching that bear for dear life as the wind whipped by me.  To be honest, I was lucky I had him to weigh me down.

I’ve been thinking about Big Teddy this week.  The wind…oh the wind.  It’s been unbelievable.  Whipping around no matter which direction I walk.  I head west, I’m walking into it.  I turn the corner, I’m somehow STILL walking directly into it.

My commutes for the past few days have consisted of me, head down, eyes barely open, struggling to take even one step forward.  This wind has literally blown me backwards.  How am I supposed to battle that?

There’s no cure for wind.  If it’s cold, you put on a hat.  If it’s raining, you grab an umbrella and put on some rain boots.  But if it’s windy?  Nothing.  You’ve got nothing.  Forget protecting your hair–a hat will blow off and a hood won’t stay up.  You can kind of protect your eyes w/sunglasses but what are you supposed to do on the walk home, pull a Corey Hart?

I know I’ve obsessed about the wind before, but it’s out with a vengeance this week and I just can’t  handle it!  I mean, we just got a break from the seemingly endless frigid spell we were in; the sun started shining, the temperature rose, and then WHOOSH!  All ruined by the wind.  The first non-freezing day in weeks and we can’t even enjoy a walk around the block w/o getting blown away (and let me tell you, trying to eat ice cream while the wind is gusting right in your face is NOT an easy feat).

But thankfully it’s Friday.  And all I have to do now is hope that the wind is on my side when I hit the train to Connecticut.


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