PC load letter is just a cruel joke

This season, The Office aired an episode called “Surplus.”  The surplus would allow Michael’s team to get new chairs or a new copier.  Throughout the course of the episode, various employees were seen using, or attempting to use, the copier.

I was on Team Copier.

At every office I have ever worked in, there have always been printer/copier issues.  It’s out of ink.  The toner exploded and someone is trailing little blue footprints through the office.  The paper jammed and there’s no way to follow the “illustration” to unjam it.  Mainly becase the doors that the illustration are pointing to aren’t, in fact, on this particular model.

And so every day it’s a guessing game.  Every day it’s “is that printer working today?” And every day the answer is either “ha! no” or “Yes–wait–it just crapped out.”

What’s this all about?  My theory, and this is a bare bones theory at best, is that the printer/copier conglomerates are planning to avoid needing an economic bailout by providing printers/copiers that only mostly work.  Sure, you can get a few good print jobs about them.  Maybe a few Excel spreadsheets or a couple of emails.  Maybe a few color palettes or runway shots from Fashion Week.
But then, just when you are least expecting it, disaster strikes and you’re left staring, dumbfounded, wondering which paper tray is “empty” when you just filled each tray with paper.  And then, inevitably, a coworker will walk in and assume that either A) you’ve caused the problem or B) you’ll be fixing the problem.  Even if there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that you can even begin to detect what’s wrong because after reading instruction pages 1-7, you still can’t depict which flap needs to be opened.
On second thought, maybe I’m Team Chair.  I mean, if I can’t beat the system, I might as well be comfortable while I’m fighting it.

14 thoughts on “PC load letter is just a cruel joke

  1. i’m on team chair. i drive 90 minutes to work each way, 2x a week and that drive home each time is when i feel the pain settle into my neck and back. then they laid off an entire division here and i scavenged a chair from one of the empty desks. it’s made all the difference in the world… oh what a good chair can do!

  2. There are two copiers for my department of over 70+ faculty and staff. Only one of which is working at any given time. I mean, barely working, at any given time. It’s like trying to make copies via Magic 8 Ball:

    Try Again Later
    Do Not Copy Double-Sided
    No Auto Feed
    Needs Toner
    Yep, Jammed Again.

  3. I am definitely on team chair. Every morning when I come in the back of my chair is falling off and I have to tighten the screws and I have to repeat this several times a day.

  4. I’d go for the chair option. No matter what, there will ALWAYS be problems with the printer/copier/whatever. And I can never work the damn things out anyway. So screw them!

  5. A large majority of my life is spent waiting on any number of electronic devices and, quite frankly, I’m going to do something rash one of these days.

    It’s going to be to the fax machine, I can go ahead and tell ya.

  6. I work in the Data Center and Dustin and I have a better printer than any of the ones there. How is it possible, that the place that needs the most technology never gets it? Stupid smug Wilde buildingers. I think I’m on Team Desk. Is that a Team? Can I have a desk now please?

  7. Awesome feeling: Finding out that the guy who services the copy machine at my last job also has the contract with my current job.

    We were very close, particularly because both machines were terrible lemons.

  8. I sit next to the mother effing fax machine and because of this everyone and thier mother thinks I am the expert on using the damn thing.

    I want to throw it in the dumpster and some day I will.

  9. NSJ: Oh wow, 90 minutes?! Yeah, I’d be team chair then too!

    apollo: I can only imagine.

    Erica: Color me jealous.

    Jules: Oh yeah, welcome to the team.

    Dingo: Comparing it to a Magic 8 ball could not be more accurate. Well done!

    Meg: Oh damn, yeah, I’d be chair too if that were the case.

    Paula: It’s true. Plus, to be fair, I have my awesome foot rest, so I can’t complain *too* much about the chair sitch.

    Heather: No one will blame you.

    Boo: Yeah, you haven’t had a desk in months so you can totally be Team Desk.

    katelin: I say you do it!

    Kyla: Nicely done. Keep that bond strong!

    Kristen: Oooh that’s the worst!

  10. The printer in my office beholds a large amount of fail.

    On a regular basis – say at least 80% of my time I will have to waste my time by standing there pushing buttons on the display that doesnt display anything. Usually the way to fix the printer is to consult another colleague who can come along and fix the printer by seemingly looking at it and then doing something ive already tried.

    Maybe the printer is out to get me?

    But yes – surplus in this economy – they having a laugh XD

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