THON Update: 1/26-2/2 (Plus other exciting stuff!)

Okay, so here’s the haps today kiddos.  It’s February 3.  Do you KNOW what that means?!  It means that THON is 17 days away!!!  That’s right, THON starts February 20 which means that this is the last month to comment for charity!!  EVERY comment you leave is worth 10 cents and that 10 cents goes to the Hershey Medical Center’s 4 Diamonds Fund.  Just think, YOUR comments are bringing us 10 cents closer to finding a cure for pediatric cancer!

So what else can you do to help?  A lot of people have been me asking that, so I want to let you know.  First, check out THON’s Web site ( to look into donating and/or to get a really great rundown of what THON is.  You can check out pictures of past THON weekends, plus THON videos (WARNING: Do not watch at work.  You will be reduced to tears.)  You may even see someone you know.

If you’re crafty, why not write dancer mail?  Mail call is an event for the dancer’s that happens in the wee hours of Sunday, after the dancers have been awake and on their feet for 30+ hours!  Friends and family send cards, gifts, toys–anything to cheer up their dancer.  You can help too by writing generic dancer mail (cards that say “Great job!” “You can do it!” and more THON-centric quotes like “One day we will dance for joy, until then, we dance for a cure” and, as always, “FOR THE KIDS!!!”) which can be sent to:

Mail Call
Random Dancer Mail
210 HUB
University Park, PA 16802

If you want more information about dancer mail or anything else THON related, feel free to ask!!

Now, on to this week’s totals:

$7.30 (with a few comments via Fbook instead of the posts!)

The total so far is:


Keep up the comments!!!  FOR THE KIDS!!!!


Oh, and the other exciting news?  I’ve been nominated for a Blogger’s Choice Award for Best Humor Blog!  What are you waiting for?  Vote for me!


And wait, even MORE exciting news? ThePrintedBlog just published its 2nd issue and it looks fabulous!  Check out my Twitter comment on Pg 5!


13 thoughts on “THON Update: 1/26-2/2 (Plus other exciting stuff!)

  1. Heyy! Are you going up to THON again this year? Let me know! Paul and I will be up doing a package on it again this year for the news! FTK!

  2. MinD: Doesn’t it though?!

    Erica: I know, yay! FTK!!

    M.O.L.: Thanks!!

    DoD: Click the badge on the top of my page…and thanks for your vote!

    Andy: Thanks…and is it cuz I said THON so much? haha

    Jess: I hope so but I have no idea. The LDR makes it hard for Boo and I to get there b/c we’re not in the same place and may end up having to take too much time off work. If we go, I’ll obvi be calling you!!

  3. Meg: Thanks so much!

    Heather: Haha yes, I get a little overly enthusiastic but it’s SUCH a good cause!!!!

    Paula: Thanks!! And yeah, I’m pretty stoked to have passed $50!

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