Why my Sunday was amazing

This is going to be a short but sweet recap of why my Sunday happened to rock.

First, there was the puppy bowl.  And this commercial:

Then this:

And then THIS:

Oh, and then we ended the night with Tool Academy (where the eliminated Tool was actually bounced b/c his GIRLFRIEND was the tool) and The Office.

Life is good this morning, my friends, life is good.


12 thoughts on “Why my Sunday was amazing

  1. It has been proposed that Santonio Holmes’ toe nails be enshrined in the Steelers Museum – as they should be. Best Bowl trivia fact – Pittsburgh area schools announced Friday that they would either be closed Monday or have a 2-hour delay – based on the assumption that the school bus drivers would be DUI candidates, win or lose. Gotta love those Yinzers.

  2. While I’m not a football fan, I did see the last 3 minutes of the game and WOW, that was a heck of a catch.
    Also, The Office? Totally worth the dark circles under my eyes this morning.

  3. Harrison’s interception run back might have been one of the most amazing plays I’ve ever seen. Even more amazing than the interception return where he hurtled Ladanian Tomlinson. I also heard about the two hour delay for Pittsburgh schools — hilarious.

  4. andhari: oh puppy bowl is the best!

    apollo: it really really is.

    DoD: So, did they up the delay to a full-on cancellation? And have they canceled for parade day yet?

    MinD: Don’t worry, Vh1 will totally replay it.

    Erica: Oh yeah, The Office was DEFINITELY worth it.

    Philly: I’m with you on that amazing play. Also, all those punks who made fun of Santonio for taking ballet are RUNNING out to sign up after that “toes perfectly pointed ballet doesn’t seem so stupid now does it?” touchdown.

  5. To answer your question…parade day is tomorrow, and so far, no delays…but, it’s still early, things could always change!

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