It seems I can’t avoid this

Something’s been going around like the plague.  If you got it, you know what I’m talking about.  You kind of hoped it wouldn’t happen to you–you saw all of your friends get it but you held out hope.

And then it happened.

You got tagged in that “list 25 things about yourself” note on Fbook.

And you did one of two things: ignored it and hoped it would go away or sucked it up and filled it out.

Since I’m in the middle of my Chinese-New-Year-closed-all-of-our-factories-but-that-just-means-I’m-in-hard-core-local mode and I’m still swamped, I’m going to post…well…some number of things about me that I haven’t posted in my list of 101 things.

  1. If I dream about someone dying I am compelled to call/IM/Fbook them the next day, just to make sure they are still alive.
  2. I had a dream about a good friend of mine the other night and then got a text bounced back from his phone.  Based on #1 I immediately thought he was dead.
  3. I think lunch is easy to eat at home but really annoying to eat at work every day.  Packing gets boring and buying gets pricey.
  4. I hate when it’s quiet.  When I’m home alone I have to have some background noise on.  I even get cranky if Pandora cuts out at work.
  5. I think the sign of a really good CD is that you want to have all of the songs playing at once and playing all of the time b/c you just can’t get enough of the music.  I currently feel that way about the new FOB cd.
  6. I used to knit when I was younger and then I lost all of my knitting stuff when the baggage door to my dad’s plane popped open.  Somewhere in upstate NY there is a cow with a needle in it’s back and a really nice blanket.
  7. I’ve started knitting again.  I won’t fly w/my needles anymore.
  8. I hate when things are unresolved.  Especially w/people.  Sometimes I get the chance to change that and that always makes me really happy.
  9. I never believed that whole “men and women can’t be friends” theory but in college I started to.  Oh well, if a boyfriend is all it took for those guys to stop being my friends, I didn’t need them anyway.
  10. My roommate’s dog has an old-man beard.  This isn’t really about me except that I think the beard is awesome.
  11. I used to think about getting a tattoo (sorry Mom and Dad) but I always knew that I was too indecisive to get one. Plus, I knew I’d be grounded for life.  (I swear I don’t have one guys!)
  12. I used to hate having a bed time but now if I stay awake past 11 I get REALLY cranky.
  13. I had a crush on Lance Bass.  I don’t care if he’s gay, given the chance, I’d totally try to mack w/him.  (Sorry Boo, I still love you!)
  14. I wish I had a really sick slr camera but I wouldn’t know what to do with it.  I took a photography class in college.  That didn’t help.
  15. My friend Courtney tagged me in this.  We worked at Elle together and I miss her.

Okay…you know what?  I’m rebelling against the man (Facebook) and only doing 15.  Plus, how much more could you possibly want to know about me?

Don’t answer that.

Unless you’re being nice.


15 thoughts on “It seems I can’t avoid this

  1. I try to take my lunch to work but what seemed delicious at 7am in the morning somehow seems so unappealing by noon.

    I’ve always wanted to know how to knit but I don’t have the patience. My mom signed me up for a sewing class once when I was about eight. I got tired of how slow the sewing machine was and ended up stapling the rest of the skirt together.

  2. I can totally identify with number 9. I was the same, i didn’t believe it . . . until I hooked up with half my male friends. (Not all at once, I should add!)

  3. Dingo: Ah yes, the staple method. A friend and I employed that for some costume we were making. It worked out well. Until we realized we’d have to wear them.

    Paula: Haha that’s fair. I mostly meant that some of my guy friends blew me off when I got a boyfriend…stupid morons!

  4. …I don’t think they’d let you fly with your knitting needles anyway, so I’m betting you’re safe.

    I was just tagged today for this by Kristie from our Media Ethics class, ha. I’ll prob be posting it via the blog as well as Fbook. Sorry since you’re on both…

  5. what is with it, seriously? i’d never seen it and then i logged in this morning and apparently everyone i know either did one or was tagged in one… yeesh!

    first, what is FOB?
    second, your dad had a plane? that’s awesome!
    third, my bff always loved Lance too, in fact it’s pretty much a safe bet that if she has a celebrity crush he’ll come out of the closet some day

  6. Molly: I guarantee, it’s going to catch up with you!

    MinD: Are you going to tag me in yours?

    NSJ: Fall Out Boy. And yeah, he had a little plane when I was growing up. It was fun…especially that one time when I turned really fast and made my brother and neighbor scream like girls. And Lance…mmm….

    Lauren: Haha that’s how it would be for me if I got one!

    andhari: Scared of the needles or hating it later?

  7. I got tagged a zillion times (ok, maybe 7) and finally sat down to come up with some witty and quirky list of my most interesting idiosyncrasies. Right as I tagged my 24th person, Safari closed on me and I lost ’em all. I’ve been holding a grudge ever since and haven’t gone back. Maybe I will soon though. You’re right – I really can’t stay away…

  8. Wow, can you get knitting needles on a plane? Or are we talking, non-metallic ones? I would’ve imagined that they’d be afraid that you were going to stab/sword-fight someone with them.

    And I love the newest FOB cd too! :)

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