It’s snowing and I’m busy…

…but I didn’t want to leave you hanging.

So take a gander at this chick:


Yes.  Those ARE high heels she’s wearing in the snow.

Yes.  She most likely IS missing brain cells.

Like I tweeted to Matt, “i kept hoping she would fall. why not pack the heels and wear boots? or at least sneakers? you don’t look cute, you look dumb.”

I was going to flesh out this lack of post with what would have been a very topical one of my LionConnection columns but since that Web site is now completely useless, it wasn’t online anymore and I didn’t think to email it to myself earlier today.

So consider this short but sweet post my snow day post–because let’s face it, who does work on a snow day?


15 thoughts on “It’s snowing and I’m busy…

  1. I would’ve been trying to think of a way to “accidentally” bump into her to make her fall! The devil in my sub-conscious would’ve been too strong on that one!

    I wonder who she was trying to impress.

  2. There is something to be said for wearing your professional attire, weather be damned. I’ve been known to rock the perforated cap toes in a blizzard — and to pass people on the sidewalk wearing boots.

  3. Ahhh how I miss the days of drinking in winter. Where the forever faithful “Click, clack…whoops!” of girls in heels falling on ice made the night that much more worth it.

  4. I love how you ever so slyly took a picture of this chick.

    I once mildly stalked the guy in the office next door-to get a picture of him for a friend. He is the spitting image of a close friend of ours. Crazy similar.

    I felt like a secret agent.

  5. NSJ: I’m glad I’m not alone in that hope.

    Astharis: Ooh, that would have been great! One hard tap and she’d have gone down like a ton of bricks.

    rs27: hahaha. that’s all.

    Matt: I’m sorry, I always forget to feel sympathy for the “working” girl.

    andhari: You’re right! Why would she turn down the chance to shop?

    philly: It pains me to hear you even say “perforated cap toes”….

    Paula: Only if it’s bad of me too.

    MinD: In all fairness, it may be mostly useful still but the daily rants are pretty much shot.

    Meg: Daaaaamn!

    Boo: Haha see, I always like to laugh at them too. I only skipped my coat if I went downstairs, and even then I’d usually wear it and make Josh hide it in the secret coat corner.

    Heather: Oh I was barely sly. God bless camera phones.

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