What’s the point of a blizzard if I’m not getting a day off?

It’s supposed to snow today.


And it’s supposed to last until tomorrow.

And I don’t care.

News like this would have thrilled me in my younger years.  It would have meant a 2-hour delay or even better, a snow day.  It would have meant watching the news at night in the hopes that they’d delay us prematurely.  It would have meant checking the roads for snow at midnight or 3 or whenever I happened to wake up during the night.  It would have meant sledding with my neighbors, building jumps, running over bushes (wait…that’s a different story…) and drinking hot chocolate to thaw out.  Even in college it would have meant not going to my 8am classes…either by school cancellation or by choice.

Not anymore.

There’s no snow day option anymore.  There’s no 2-hr delay in the real world.  I got my first taste of this when I was an intern at Town & Gown.  It was spring semester of my senior year and we had a huge snow storm.  The roads were barely plowed and the sidewalks?  Forget about it.  But instead of staying in bed, sleeping until noon and then getting up for class, I was trekking the 3 blocks to my office (it’s so funny to type that b/c it was SUCH a trek back then).  I only passed one other person on the way to work that day and he was only up b/c he was meeting friends for breakfast.

Long story short, it sucked.

And now what?  What am I supposed to do with the weather reports calling for snow?  What am I supposed to do with the murmers of “it’s gonna be a big one!”?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  There’s nothing I can do.

How boring is that?!

No matter how much it snows tonight, if it’s barely flurrying or if it’s like last year’s big snow, it won’t matter.  Because come tomorrow, when my alarm goes off, I’m still going to have to drag my butt into the shower, pick out something warm, throw on my Uggs and pray that I don’t fall down the stairs into the subway or wipe-out in the middle of 5th avenue.

Stupid snow anyway….


14 thoughts on “What’s the point of a blizzard if I’m not getting a day off?

  1. You could be happy for all of us teachers who have a snow day. Or, you could be happy for those kids who are still naive enough that snow days will be forever. Or, you could think of this as a day that proves you are a grown-up, and darn proud of it.

  2. I think everyone should have snow days. This going to work when it’s snowing business is nonsense. No one wants to be here…. at least give us a sledding break.

  3. If it makes you feel any better when it snowed here my poor little car couldn’t make it into work and I was forced to take vacation days for the time I missed – meaning I have only 2 vacation days left in the year. So I got to stay home and pout about all the summer days I’ll be stuck at work.

  4. I ‘m a glutton for punishment. Every chance of snow I get all, “It’s going to snow 2 ft and I’ll get to stay home”. Does it ever happen?! NO!

    I haven’t lost hope yet though. I feel as if I do, I’ll be like the little essence-less Podlings from Dark Crystal. :(

  5. NSJ: Suddenly I’m very jealous of your state.

    Matt: Agreed.

    andhari: Nope. That’s the downside of living someplace where the main form of transportation is underground.

    rs27: It worked for that chick in the commercial.

    apollo: Late night was right. I’m just a gun-jumper.

    Laura: But I’m NOT a grownup! Didn’t you see the tag?

    Andy: Omg, I would SO be down with a sledding break.

    Arjewtino: I’m sorry…you should have snuck out for the above mentioned sledding break when everyone was distracted by the snow.

    Boo: But you can do it in your jammies!

    Meg: Aw, no, that just makes me sad!

    Heather: Just like when we were kids. We hoped every snow would be the BIG snow. Never happened….

  6. That’s just it! I’ve actually tasted victory. The BIG snow happened in Indiana when I was little. Salted streets be darned! School got called off!

    Alabama snow? Yeah. Whatever.

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