Does everybody know what time it is?

The roomie and I have a bit of a love affair with Home Improvement.  We’re mad that Nick@Nite feels compelled to air Family Matters at 11 and HI at 12.  We’re never up that late!

So obviously, when we woke up Monday morning and turned the TV on, we were thrilled to be reminded that TBS shows a 2-hour block of the show EVERY weekday.

We’d just gotten through watching the episode where Tim overwaxes the dance floor for Randy’s birthday party and his annoying little crush Michelle sprains her ankle (side note, we BOTE wanted to be Michelle growing up.  Stupid Taylor boys only liking blondes….) and were slightly annoyed to see that the next episode was the one where Al is named one of the most eligible bachelors.  This is a kind of completely unrealistic scenario not to mention overplayed by a lot of the “family friendly” sitcoms of it’s day (does everyone else remember that Danny Tanner too, was an eligible bachelor?).

So the women in the audience start asking questions about Al and obsessing about his French doors (not a euphemism) until Tim yells at them.

Then, all of a sudden, a voice rings out from the crowd: What kind of windows does Al like?

The girl who said it looked vaguely familiar.  In fact, I said to the roomie, she looks a little like Lucy Liu.

Fast forward 12 minutes to the credits (or don’t if you totally cheated and clicked on that link, which, okay,  fine, isn’t really cheating b/c I put it there): it IS Lucy Liu.

Good for you LL.  Before you were kicking ass in Kill Bill and Charlie’s Angels you were kicking it with the Tool Man (no, not that kind of tool).


13 thoughts on “Does everybody know what time it is?

  1. Why couldn’t Al be sexiest man? Why do you think men with beards can’t be sexy.

    I think you are prejudice against facial hair. Is there a word for that? Is it facist? That doesn’t already have a meaning, right?

  2. Narm: Oh no no. You stop right there. Boo has a beard and I am totally into it. It’s more the…living with his mom/always wearing flannel/snorting when he laughs thing.

    NSJ: Uh, yeah, that makes that totally the funnest (yeah, I said it!) job ever!

  3. I seriously love Home Improvement. I grew up with it. I feel like I grew up with the Taylor boys. haha.
    Now I live with a dork who acts like a Tim.
    Well, not quite that bad…
    And I am kind of like Jill.
    Perhaps my parents shouldn’t have let TV raise me.

    On another note, now that I’m all growed up, I have noticed celebrities on that show too! I saw Dave Chapelle on there! And Lucy Liu (like you mention) and a few others! They must have the Australian Free to Air episodes lined up with whatever you’re watching. We’re up to the same episodes!

  4. Gretchen: That is PERFECTLY acceptable!

    apollo: Well, if you consider Heidi then yes, I’d say there is.

    Paula: Oh it’s the best. Do we all remember Hayden in Remember the Titans?

    rs27: I hate it to be the one to tell you this….

    Kez: Haha oh man, I would love to see the Dave Chapelle episode!

    Kristen: Do not speak ill of the dead! But in all fairness, for all his sage advice, Wilson was a bit odd.

    Mermanda: What can I say? JTT is where it’s at.

    Katelin: Mine too.

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