I feel like the next step is orthopedic shoes

Today, while I was sitting at my desk, this arrived for me.

That’s right.  I made them order me a footrest.  (If you’ll recall, I had some issues with my desk.  The whole rearrangment issues were a result of my having to have the desk w/the bar as my main desk so I could have something to put my feet on).

I did some research.  I begged for help via Tweets.  I eventually decided that since (at the time anyway) I was dangling a good 4 inches off the ground, that this was the footrest for me.  (It raises to a height of 6″).  Plus, this bad boy massages and improves ciruculation!  And I’m not even quoting from the Web site–it really DOES improve ciruculation!  (Or at the very least lets me pretend I’m surfing).

Granted, there was some assembly required but despite that, and ergonomically speaking, I’m a happy camper.

ain't she puuurtty?
ain't she puuurtty?

I’m also pretty sure that I’m one step away from orthopedic shoes and having to carry around a butt donut, but whatever.


9 thoughts on “I feel like the next step is orthopedic shoes

  1. The people at your work must really love you. I tried to the secretary to order me colored post it notes and she shot me down instantly.

  2. oh man, i used to have one of those at my old desk… i really wish i’d taken it with me when i left the company. my feet touch the ground but the difference that thing makes in your back is amazing. it forces you to sit properly… right now i drive home with a horrible pain in my neck and lower back each time i come in here… i hate these crappy desk chairs!

  3. I have a back support cushion on my chair at work. I fit right in with the other employees approaching retirement. At least it’s not a butt doughnut…

    That foot rest looks divine!

  4. My feet just gave me a look like, “She’s resting on that shit and you leave us crammed in these shoes all day? Fuck you, man. Seriously. Fuck. You.”

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