Don’t hate me for this

Today I’ve decided that instead of writing something new, I’m just going to link to the post I wrote on January 14 last year.

I’m not marking some monumental post number or celebrating my blogiversary or anything.  I’m just super swamped at work and am still adjusting to the new position and I don’t want to leave you all hanging.  But despite that, don’t forget to comment (10 cents per comment towards THON!)

Happy hump day kiddos!


10 thoughts on “Don’t hate me for this

  1. I think I would have just went home. I would have had to walk to get my shoe, then go home and light my foot on fire because Lord knows what is on the ground in those stations…

  2. NSJ: Believe me, if I hadn’t already been super late by that point (and believe me, I was!) I’d have totally stayed behind!

    DoD: I’m sooooorrrrrrrryyyyyy!!

    Koz: Okay, well, as per usual, you made me cry with that AMAZING!!!! THON video!

    Boo: You’d almost have been better off amputating.

    Andy: Thanks!

    apollo: No shock there :P

    Paula: Aw, I hope it was a dude who found her shoe!

    Dingo: I love the double commentary!

    Arjewtino: In all fairness, there is partial nudity, depending of course on your definition of “partial.”

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