Thank you cards

I hate writing thank you cards.

I’m sorry, but I do.

I know.  I’m a bad person.  I should be so appreciative of whatever I’ve received that I should WANT to take to pen and paper immediately and scribble out my thanks.  And I am.  But there is something so impossible about getting me to sit down and write the cards.

And I can’t explain it.

As we speak, I have a pile of Christmas/birthday thank you cards waiting to be addressed, stamped and mailed (so if you read this and are expecting a card, I have it, I swear and it’s coming!).  I wrote all of them out last week during the commercials for Gossip Girl (stop JUDGING me!  I wrote them, didn’t I?) but I can’t, for the life of me, bring myself to mail them.

And I don’t know why.

I can always justify a bit of delay on my cards anyway.  I mean, it would be fiscally irresponsible, not to mention very un-green of me, to send out thank yous for Christmas and then, a week later, send them out for my birthday too, right?  Right.  So I wait.  And then, after my birthday, I wait a little bit longer.  Just in case there are any stragglers.  Or delays in the mail.  Or something was back ordered.  Or I’m lazy.  And then I sit down and write my cards.

But mailing them is another story entirely.  I, for whatever reason, cannot just push myself to get out my address book (well, okay, technically I don’t have an address book–it’s more like opening my email and searching for the addresses or calling my family for them or digging out the envelope or box from the sender–that may be part of the problem right there) and address the things and send them out.

I love mail.  I love cards.  I love little notes.  But when I KNOW I have a card to send out and I KNOW that there is a deadline for it I just can’t bring myself to do it.

When I get married, that will be my biggest issue.  Not finding a place to live or booking a venue/caterer/DJ.  Nope.  It’ll be getting the thank you cards out before our first anniversary.

Maybe I can request that from now on, all gifts come with a self-addressed stamped envelope for an easier Thank You situation.

Or maybe I’m just a bad person.


18 thoughts on “Thank you cards

  1. shit, this just reminded me that i’ve owed someone a thank you card from November! i’m awful and she’ll probably never do me a favor again! i guess i’ll blame it on the holidays and the engagement but still…
    maybe i’ll send an edible arrangement instead. it’s so much easier than writing and makes up for my lateness, right?? i mean who doesn’t love pineapple slices shaped like flowers?

  2. You aren’t a bad person at all. I swear. I’ve had a thank-you card in my purse, written and address but sans stamp, for more than a week now, but I don’t want to buy stamps. I’m hoping to just come upon one (look, I never use friggin’ stamps, I don’t want to buy any!). Haha.

  3. I actually know a bride that when she got married, requested all gift givers provide her with a self-addressed stamped envelope–with pre-addressed thank you card included!– at every shower and for the wedding. Um, yeah, no.
    But I’m with you, thank you cards from me end up languishing until they’re practically pointless.

  4. @Matt

    Come on man!! You know I’m gonna have to now!! I honestly didn’t grow up in a household that did thank you cards..this makes me equally terrible.

  5. I hear you. I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to write her own thank you cards.

    Dear Grandma,
    thank you for the new underpants and the hot water bottle. I do not understand why you think I’m 80, but whatever.

    Thanks anyway for the wierd gifts.


  6. Matt: HA! I wish it were that easy! Boo’s not a TY card writer.

    NSJ: Psh, only terrible people would dislike a pineapple slice shaped like a flower!

    MinD: So you get me then?

    Ginger: Wooooooooow! That’s all I can say. And yeah, I actually said it with that many o’s.

    Paula: I wish I could just say “screw it!”

    rs27: If only the elderly relatives had cells…or, you know, knew what texting was.

    apollo: If only it were that simple.

    Boo: You’re damn right you’re gonna have to now!! I don’t care how your momma raised you, you’re in my house now bitch! (Um, I mean, I love you Boo, thanks for being my boyfriend, it’ll probably be the last time!)

    Kristen: Oh yeah, that’ll be much more fun than you writing them for her. I actually can’t wait to hear what she’ll come up w/on her own haha!

  7. I found a whole bunch of thankyous that didn’t get sent for our wedding somehow…the other day. Do you know how long I’ve been married? OVER A YEAR??
    I feel like such a bad person. I know we got married and then it was Christmas and New Year and then we bought a house and moved etc…
    But I just hope no-one judged me for my lack of etiquette. I have made a resolution (no – not a new year’s one) to be better at sending things off.
    I still feel guilty. Don’t expect the guilt to ease. It doesn’t.

  8. PS I did send most of them though…phew. But even then I obsessed over the wording. It was so hard! Don’t get married! Elope! Elope! Seriously, if I had my chance to do it over again (not involving divorce with my hubbby) then I would ELOPE! My fear of not sending thankyou notes is obviously holding me back in life haha.

  9. my family was very big on writing the thank you cards… i’m really bad about it. i always make it a point to buy really cute thank you cards/stationary and then writing out the cards and never send them. i usually just end up sending emails.

  10. I’m glad i’m not the only one who still sends thank you cards. It’s so hard to do, but it’s a nice gesture.

    In other news, I did laundry during Gossip Girl commercial breaks. It was important, i needed clothes, but it wasn’t so important that I had to miss GG for it. :)

  11. I’m really bad at thank you cards. Or cards in general. I think you need to have a special personality to be of the Christmas-card-sending type. Seriously. My friends who send them to me are all teachers. It’s weird. They’re all organized and stuff.

  12. Kez: I’m making the note right now–eloping = no cards!!

    Alexa: This plan could work too.

    BRR: Don’t be so sure–as of right now, they are STILL sitting on my coffee table….

    dmb5_libra: You know, I love buying the cards too!

    Lauren: I haven’t found much that was worth skipping GG for!

    michelle: Yeah, the teacher personality is DEFINITELY a card personality. All the teachers I know are big card people!

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