The new job: my week in review

Monday I started my new position.  I was a little freaked out b/c I knew that my workload would basically double and I haven’t been in this field that long.  But after going over the basics of what I would be responsible for I realized that I’m not super out of my leauge–just working with a learning curve.

So, how did my first week go?

Monday: IT guy was too backed up to move me over to my new spot.  I spent one last day in the tundra.

Tuesday: I made the move to the warm side mid-afternoon.  Luckily I had nothing substantial to move (computer aside) so I did it all myself.  Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that my rolling file cabinet would sound like a race car.  As I pulled it faster and slower (depending on where in the office I was and what grip I could get on the stupid handle) it sounded like I was at an Indy race with the cars revving and pulling back.  I had to walk past a lot of people.  Awesome.  I’m the weird girl with the loud furniture.

Wednesday:  My desk was set up an inch too high.  Just move the chair right?  Wrong–I spent quite awhile with my feet dangling 4 inches above the ground until I could get creative with my furntiure arrangement.

Thursday: Got into a rubber band luanch battle with the graphics department.  Also did amusing things with popcorn.  They make the new area fun.  Plus, it’s about 7 degrees warmer over here than it was at my old spot.

Friday: Finally granted drive access.  Still waiting for access to the online system.  All the printers are broken.  Let me say that again: ALL of the printers in the WHOLE ENTIRE OFFICE are broken.  I can’t print anything.  This complicates my day.

So that’s that. As far as first weeks go, I have no complaints.  My new team seems pretty cool and this project is really awesome so I’m excited to have gotten in on the ground floor of it.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to work on my rubber band shooting skills for the remainder of my lunch break.


12 thoughts on “The new job: my week in review

  1. Working with people you like being around makes a huge difference. They can rescue you when you can’t get out of your chair for fear of breaking your ankles from the five foot drop.

  2. I HATE I.T. guys. They are always such jerk offs.

    They act like they are god or something.

    just thought I would let you know that.

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