Bedding should never cost more than the bed

Lately I’ve been feeling like it might be time to update the duvet cover.  I think this was mostly sparked by my recent trips home where my comforter is like, the palest blue ever and is super soothing, whereas my duvet cover here is, um, not.

Can you imagine how spazzy this is when it's on the orange side?
Can you imagine how spazzy this is when it's on the orange side?

So I got it in my head that I need a new duvet cover.  Problem is, duvet covers are, apparently, hard to find.

Boo and I checked store after store this weekend.  Bed Bath and Beyond.  Target.  And every department store in the mall b/c they all seemed to be having their beginning of the year whites sale.

Still, no luck.  I can’t just get a whole new comforter.  I still have a perfectly good (except that it annoys me by clumping all stupidly in one corner and NEVER the corner by me) comforter and I could never just say “okay, well toss that unused, basically new comforter in the closest while I throw this brand new comforter on the bed”

So I did a good ol’ Google search: duvet covers.

I got a lot of good, well, some decent, um…I got feedback.  I clicked on the first site that sounded promising and started exploring.




Excuse me?  $890.  For a duvet cover!?  You realize, stupid bed linen manufacturers, that a duvet cover is really just a big pillowcase right?  It’s 2 large sheets of fabric, sewn together with one open end for you to shmush the comforter through.  HOW COULD THAT POSSIBLY COST ME NEARLY A GRAND!?!?!

I mean, my mattress didn’t even cost me that much.  And I didn’t get a cheap mattress.  In fact, I’m basically in love with my mattress.  I’d spend all day with it if I could–it’s THAT good.  So why then is the bedding going to cost me more than the mattress itself?

I just don’t understand it.  And it bums me out.  I mean, how am I supposed to switch from my super intense orange comforter to something a little more…mellow when I could easily put that money aside and buy a sofa.

Or a car.

Or a put a down payment on a house.


22 thoughts on “Bedding should never cost more than the bed

  1. I spent ages trying to find a duvet cover for less than $150. I honestly can’t for the life of me figure out why something like that would ever cost so much.

  2. my favorite duvet cover came from anthropologie… i have it on my bed almost all year, it’s got embroidery and everything. while they retail in the $400 range i got it on clearance for $75! yes, $75 for ANY duvet cover is a steal. you just gotta keep your eyes out for the clearance sections for these types of things. i’ve seen a few in the past year or so that i liked but much like you, i’m not shelling out $300+ for a duvet. oooh, maybe you can make one?

  3. I love duvet covers because you can change the look of your bedroom so easily. But they are sooo expensive. You should check Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, and Daffy’s. Sometimes you can find great stuff those places if you are willing to put up with the crowds and all the junk they have.

  4. Does Ikea have duvet covers? If not, they have great fabric…
    Denis and I are choosing linens for our wedding registry and it’s really freaking hard. Can’t find that ‘happy medium’ of both of us liking the look AND the price.

  5. Everything you say about the duvet is true. I hate it. I’ve been getting mine at Ikea because they’re cheap and they’re pretty cool.

    I’ve made them before too. Just buy two king size flat sheets and sew them together. Put velcro at the top to close them and you’ve got yourself a lovely new duvet! Somebody must have a sewing machine you can borrow…

  6. Are duvets rare in the US? Duvet covers in the UK start at around £10 ($15)… But pretty much everyone around here uses them exclusively, I believe.

    What a weird (diverse?) world we live in.

  7. It took me 3/4 of the post to figure out a duvet cover is a comforter cover and not some kind of secret French bedroom spy. Thank you for clarifying.

  8. Dutchess: Believe me, I’ve been considering it!

    Ben: I know! It makes NO sense!

    NSJ: Believe me, I’m scouring ALL the sales!

    MinD: You know, I actually checked. The only ones that didn’t match my current duvet for spazz factor were primarily white. White = way too much laundry maintenance!

    BRR: It’s pretty ridiculous.

    Dingo: You know, Marshall’s is not a bad idea at all. Do you hear that Boo? Now we’ve got a project for our next CT weekend!

    Matt: Shh….there there…it’s okay. Just pretend it’s a comforter and all will be well.

    Erica: Actually Ikea has really cute ones–that’s where the orange came from. Only problem is they aren’t available online. I’ll brave the Brooklyn Ikea if I get desperate enough though!

    Apollo: That’s pretty fair actually.

    Kristen: I’ve actually got a machine at home. I just need to figure out how to get up here and where the hell I’ll put it in my apartment!

    Astharis: DAMN! I’m clearly shopping in the wrong country!

    cassie: Oh believe me, I’ll be hitting up any second now!

    Andy: You’re very welcome. But now that you mention it, I kind of wish it WAS some secret French bedroom spy. That would be way cooler.

  9. Oh, if only you had Primark in the states. I got the most awesome expensive looking duvet cover, pillowcases, a matching throw and some random matching pillows for like twenty pounds all together. It was amazing!

    Sorry for rubbing that in. Hope you find something nice soon. Because your current duvet cover really DOES scare me a little.

  10. Paula: My current duvet cover scares me a little too. And clearly, I need to shop in other countries.

    Boo: Yes yes, all the men folk hate the duvet cover. But no, the women folk are NOT sorry that we introduced you to it.

    Heather: Oooh, I could be a good sale stalker, I mean shopper, if I could get C&B!

  11. The cost of bedding never ceases to amaze me. I know that it will be expensive but when I see it I am still unpleasantly surprised.

    Orange is the most stimulating colour you can imagine! How do you get any sleep?!

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