And now for a bit of business…

Okay.  So I abandoned you.  It was unintentional, I promise.  But you have to understand.  My computer is in the basement.  It’s cold down there.  The food and the warm comfy chairs are upstairs.  It’s understandable that I didn’t make down much to–

No, no, you’re right.  No excuses.  I shouldn’t have left you like that.  You didn’t hear from me, I didn’t even bother to say I wouldn’t be back for awhile.  I just threw some guest bloggers at you (who both did a fab job–thanks SO much Heather and Erica!) and left.

But I’m back now, and I’ll catch you all up on everything and then we’ll get back to what’s really important here: finding the amusing in the totally mundane.

First, a bit of business.

THON updates.  I know, I owe you one for this week.  But since I dropped the ball on the blog and since it IS the holidays, here’s what’s going to happen.  Wednesday I’ll post the total for the last few weeks–whatever it was, I’m doubling it.  So remember–KEEP COMMENTING!!! Every comment is 5 cents towards pediatric cancer research!

Posts.  I have the requisite Christmas recaps for you, including adventures in air travel (just in case you haven’t had enough yet).

And in real life news…sort of.  I found out this morning that I’m being promoted to a different division.  This is a good thing, even though I’m really sad to leave my team behind.  But since this new spot likely means a lot more work, my blog may lag a bit while I transition.  If that happens, please be patient–you know I love you all and would never abandon you.

Yes…OKAY…I did JUST get done apologizing for abandoning you.  Yes, yes, you make an excellent point.   Well then, how’s this:

…If that happens, please be patient–you know I love you all and would never abandon you AGAIN.




13 thoughts on “And now for a bit of business…

  1. You’re back! Did you bring presents? For me, I mean, not your stupid teammate who you’re going to abandon like you abandoned us. A little guilt for the holidays never hurt anyone, right?

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! that’s so exciting! i long for the days of a new job that will mean i don’t have time to blog anymore… just to be interested in the work i’m doing would be nice. enough about me that’s such a great way to start off the new year!
    we/I will excuse the abandonment… i’m used to it : )

  3. Hey, congrats on the promotion! Even if it’s in a different department, you could still see your team during lunch breaks. Right?

    And we’ll forgive you. THIS TIME. :)

  4. But I really don’t like it when the thingy tells me I’m posting comments too quickly.

    What if I’m really excited about something and I have a lot to say? What then?

  5. Dingo: What?! You mean my triumphant return isn’t present enough?

    NSJ: Thank you!!

    Erica: Thanks and thanks! It was great to have you post :)

    Heather: Thanks…and I’m sorry. I never meant to leave you alone!

    Lauren: Thanks! And yeah, the office isn’t *that* big. But it’s still sad!

    Paula: Thanks for the congratulations…and for forgiving my absence!

    Kristen: Phew, I’m glad. And geeze WP, what’s UP with that?! Kristen has stuff to say! LET HER TALK!!

    Andy: Thanks–and I’m back, I promise!

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