That’s what I get for being early for once

This morning I was early.  I am never early.  I am on time, sure, but I am never early.

Since I was early though, I decided to take advantage.  Well, actually I decided to stall so that I would be closer to “on time” than “early” to the office.  Early on a Monday is just lame.  (No, I’m kidding.  Being early/on time is awesome!)

Anyway…I decided to pop in to Starbucks for a cup of tea.  My throat is a bit sore this morning so I decided tea would be the best call.  I was following a girl who was power walking in heels (not easy) and when we got to the door we met another girl coming from the opposite direction–one that had “bitch” written all over her face.

So Power Heels held the door for someone who was leaving and OD Bitch scowled and snarled (okay, it was more of a disgusted grunty sigh, but that’s harder to make into a verb, no?).  We walked inside, me still following Power Heels and ODB slid right up to the counter.  I assumed she had bad eyes and couldn’t read the board and wanted to figure out what she wanted.

But I was wrong.

Power Heels orders her drink at the closest of the the 3 registers and ODB is still standing in front of the middle one.  That cashier finishes w/whoever she’d been helping and ODB steps forward.  The cashier goes “were you in line?” and ODB says, without pause but DRIPPING with attitude, “uh yeah.  I was next.”

I stood there.  I just stood there.  I was in such SHOCK that this bitch–who walked in the door right behind me…BEHIND me–passed the line-abiding customers and rolled right in front.  I was shocked and I was pissed.  You don’t mess with people’s morning beverage!

But, given the scowl she had after Power Heels was being NICE to someone, I thought it in my best interest to keep my mouth shut.  I’m pretty sure she would have killed me.

My one small victory was that my drink was ready before her breakfast was (tea is easier to throw together than a bagel that has to be toasted…with butter…AND cream cheese) and I got to say, partially snippy but partially politely “excuse me” and reach, a little more in her way than needed, to get my drink.

Of course I immediately went up to the office, put sugar in my tea and then sloshed it over the side of the cup and burnt my hand.

There’s really no such thing as karma.


21 thoughts on “That’s what I get for being early for once

  1. Lily: To make me an even worse person, I was hoping that she’d burn her mouth or her cream cheese would be bad or something.

    Matt: But it wasn’t Power Heels! She wasn’t the one on the dark side of my morning incident!

    Andy: I’m going to right to hell, aren’t I?

    Kristen: Oh I’m counting on that.

    Ben: It was ODB that was the cutter! But yes–stilettos scare the crap out of me!

  2. People suck. Unlike you, however, I would’ve said “oh no, I was next” or something of that nature. I hate line-cutters. And bitches. I hate everyone, sort of. Not really. Where was I going with this?

  3. Jamie: I thought about it, but I really wanted the tea.

    Apollo: That’s what she said. Oh, too much? Not quite fitting? Whatever, it’s Monday, I tried.

    NSJ: Haha yeah, that’s how I like to roll. Cut them down in a way that they aren’t *quite* sure if they’ve been insulted or not. (Seriously–what is with the anger today?! I need to watch it!)

    Matt: Yeah…but I have seen girls in heels go down–it’s pretty funny.

    rs27: 1) So far from it it was painfully unbelievable. 2) No, but if I could have made that happen, I would have. Permanent marker style.

    Paula: I just hate never being around for that part!

    MinD: Normally I would say something but this bitch looked like she would CUTME in a hot second if I dared to speak up. I think the cashier even knew she wasn’t in line but when she saw the fear in my eyes thought it best not to say anything and get her out of the store as quickly as possible haha!

  4. How you don’t kill everyone is beyond me. At 8 am, if that girl got in the way of me and my latte she wouldn’t have made it to work. I’m not even kidding.

  5. dmb5_libra: Trust me, it did. I was seething on the inside.

    Boo: We’ve been over this–I don’t try to kill the people who I KNOW would turn around and shiv me in line.

    Maxie: Yeah, the story would have been better if she’d gotten the burn…

    rebecca: Well of COURSE dude–check to the right. I’m crushing on you. Oh, and when did that happen?

  6. I hate myself in those situations – I’m not quite strong enough to confront the ODB, but I’m not content to stand there and say nothing. So I end up whispering about them or muttering under my breath or something. Grrr.

  7. Why couldn’t you have accidentally spilled on her? Next time you see her, text me and I’ll meet you. I got your back. Unless, of course, I’m stuffing a Rainbow Cookie down my gullet. Then, you’re on your own.

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