I’m making a list…don’t know what I’m putting on it but I’m making it

The holidays are here again!  Christmas!  My birthday!  (New Year’s Eve bitches, don’t think I’m letting you forget it!)

This is all well and good…except for the presents.  Don’t get me wrong, I love presents.  I have the best time ever picking them out and I love getting presents too.  But this year…this year something’s different.

I don’t want anything.

Not one single thing.

Well, that’s not true.  There are things that I want.  This totally sick bookcase, for example (oh my God, could I be any nerdier?!)  But legitimate presents?  Nothing.  I’m completely stumped for ideas.

I’ve sent my mom, my dad, my brother and yes, even my boyfriend on the hunt for gift cards–Gap, Target (oh how I LOVE Target!), Borders–thinking that would be the best solution for my lack of interest in gift getting this year.  But certain people (yes Boo, I’m talking about you) refuse to give gift cards and are forcing (yes, I said FORCING) me to request real, tangible, unwrappable presents.

I was starting to worry.  I was starting to think something in my personality had changed.  I was no longer interested in material posessions.  Granted this isn’t technically a problem, but it does complicate things. I was even tweeting about what to ask for (other than a space heater…but I’m asking our facilities department for that.  Pretty please let me warm up!?).

Then I talked to people.  All kinds of people.  My mom, my friends and even my coworkers.  And I realized–NO ONE wants anything this year.  I can count at least 4 different conversations just this week (all with people with VERY different personalities) and everyone had the same reaction.  No one wanted anything.

Everyone was trying to ask for gift cards but all had family members who weren’t biting.  Who didn’t consider it a proper gift if it didn’t require a form of gift wrap greater than just an envelope (but we all know that some of the best gifts come in envelopes…money money….money!).  And everyone was feeling the pressure.

What happened to the ease of gift selection?  When the hardest part of making your list for Santa was deciding which items you should include and which items should be eliminated (I grew up in a house where I could only ask Santa for a specific number of presents).

The consensus was that we’re all adults now.  We’ve got jobs.  If we want something, we’ll just go out and buy it.  But that can’t be it.  My colleagues have been “adults” for quite some time now.  They’ve had the “if I want it I can just pick it up” income for years.  It never once was attributed to this piss poor economy, even though that could make sense.  But for me, that’s not it at all.  It’s just…I guess this means I’m growing up?

I don’t have time for arty type gifts anymore (I used to request at least one craft-related toy: mini pottery wheel, sand art kit, craft books).  I’m too old for toys (or so they keep trying to tell me).  Last year Boo gave me the best gift EVER and it was game related (I’ll save that for another post).  But I don’t have what you’d call “board game” friends and CatchPhrase isn’t exactly a 2-person game. And clothes?  Forget it.  My mom stopped picking out my clothes when I was turned 3 and refused to wear them.  I was a picky-as-hell preschooler and I never outgrew it.

It’s always a challenge for me because I’ve got double the pressure.  What can I say?  My birthday’s near Christmas and it sucks (thank you Munkafust).  I even tried asking Boo if my birthday present could be celebrating my birthday in July on my half-birthday, just to spread the presents out.  He said sure but I was still getting something.  Plan foiled.

So what’s going on this year?  Why don’t I have anything to ask Santa for?


13 thoughts on “I’m making a list…don’t know what I’m putting on it but I’m making it

  1. We’ve requested an oil tank and new set of tires.

    I’d really like an iPod Touch, a big screen TV, or a week to spend cuddling with my puppies.

  2. I make a list for my parents every year and in the years past, they’d never stick to it. Um, why buy me something I usually don’t want when you know *exactly* what I want? Anyhow, I’ve bought all the gifts for myself this year for them to give to me and I couldn’t be more excited. And gift cards are totally the shiz.

  3. I’ve requested a lot of things, but it has to do with having an entire house to myself and hardly ANYTHING to fill it with. Seriously, it’s barren and echoes. Not good.

    …I’m also pretty poor and there have been a lot of things I’ve wanted, but can’t afford (i.e. Guitar Hero World Tour, seasons 3-5 of One Tree Hill, I could go on). I guess it all depends on who you talk to.

    P.S. Fucking sweet ass bookcase!

  4. i go through the same task of trying to come up with gifts because people don’t want to give me money… then i end up with a bunch of shit i don’t really need and have to spend my own money on the stuff i do.
    if you can’t think of tangible gifts have them get you GC to your salon or something. maybe some sort of paid spa day? not sure if that’s your thing but i love that stuff.
    i always come up with gift ideas when shopping for other people… that’s when i get ideas for stuff. like yankee candles, new hand vac, crap like that… practical stuff : )

  5. Ben: Can I also request a week snuggling with your puppies? They look like they would be fun.

    Gretchen: You are a holiday genius! I love that plan.

    MinD: Oh I could use big things (a bed frame might be nice) but I don’t really NEED those. Plus, the less I own the less I have to pack when I inevitably move.

    dmb5_libra: That’s always a good look in winter hehe

    NSJ: Mmm….massage gift cards….mmmm. Ooh! Does that mean I can ask for a Sven?!

    rs27: Actually, my current book case has a lot of picture frames and vases and candles and crap.

  6. from a present-giving point of view, there is little more boring than having to give someone a gift card or gift voucher. where’s the excitement??? i only like to give those if i’m TOTALLY stuck.

    from the receiver point of view though, i totally know where you’re coming from. the only things i want are too expensive to ask for . . . like a new pair of ghd straighteners, for example. plus i’m not sure i would really consider them a present when i just need them because my old ones are screwed and only work about 1 in every 5 times i try to use them. it’s more a necessity than a WANT.

  7. I’ve felt exactly the same. I don’t know why. I just think of Christmas these days and see it more for spending quality time with loved ones than about the presents – I love giving them, but I don’t care about receiving them. I think this started for me around my wedding. I just wanted my loved ones around – we did get money for the honeymoon – and I think that’s when I grew up a little and realised what’s really important. Gifts are just a bonus – whereas when I was a kid they were what it was all about!

  8. Paula: Expensive pressies are the worst–you always ask for what you wouldn’t buy yourself, but sometimes there’s a reason you’re withholding!

    Kez: Last year I went on a cruise w/my family so we didn’t do presents–the trip WAS our present. It was perfect. Didn’t have to worry about getting tons I didn’t want/need and just got to relax w/my fam.

  9. I don’t know what kind of people you’ve been talking too because I want a ton like always. I can never have too many books or new kitchen gadgets or scarves. My boyfriend is just like you though, it is quite difficult. Especially because even when you come up with things he’d like (like a new grill) he says he doesn’t want it, but what he really means is he doesn’t need it.

  10. I always request gift cards but people refuse to give them. What’s up with that? Don’t ask me what I want for Christmas/Birthday etc. and then decide that it’s not what YOU want to give.

    I have no idea what to get Mr. Dingo for Christmas. I think all his ideas are stupid. I may just give him a gift card.

  11. My mom and I are doing super boring stuff this year– other than stocking stuffers the only thing we’re getting each other is a membership to AAA.


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