THON Update: 12-1/12-7

Hey everyone, time for our THON totals for the week. For those of you who may just be stumbling on this site, click here to read about what I’m doing.

5 cents for every comment on every new post b/w November 12 and February 20, up to $100.  I’m not counting pingbacks or my own comments either.

At the end of the fourth week the total is:


The total so far:


Keep up the comments!!!  FTK!!*


17 thoughts on “THON Update: 12-1/12-7

  1. Okay, that’s it! All you silly boys need to stop confusing people!

    FTK = For The Kids! I’ll start spelling it out from now on….

    But yay! Keep the comments coming!

    Oh, and Matt, did you make it snow yet?

  2. I’m bitter cause Blogspot isn’t as cool as WordPress, but I’m dealing.

    And I’m so proud of myself. I knew what FTK meant! Normally I think I know what something is, but I’m SO not right. Which would translate into that thing I don’t like to say I am. ^__^

  3. I’m still not entirely clear on what THON is, but it sounds like a good plan. good plan! good cause!
    …jeeez I should really get some sleep. being sick is slowly killing me.

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