We’re breaking out the holly and aluminum tree ’cause it’s that jolly season

Last night they lit the Rock tree.  That means that its officially the Christmas season in NYC.  I’m in a much jollier mood than I was last year.

Last year the night they lit the tree I was on an Elle errand.  I was sent over to W’s offices to pick up a dress.  I was supposed to meet Emily (formerly from Teen Vogue–she was the “over-achieving New York office” intern who L.C. and Whitney worked with on the Hills) to get the dress.  Apparently after jumping from Teen Vogue to W she got a bit of an ego–rather than allow me up to the (warm) offices (despite my having roamed the Vogue offices earlier that day for something) she made me wait in the (freezing) mail room.

And wait.

And wait.

While I was there I advised a kid who had smoked a bit too much pot to flush her system before her drug test the next day, wrote out a grocery list and called my mom who I talked to for nearly 45 minutes while I waited.  My boss finally called me and told me to just forget it and head home.  I’d spent nearly all my cab money trying to get there (the traffic from that STUPID tree lighting had slowed us down considerably) so I had to walk back to the office.  I got about 2 blocks away (avenue blocks–OF COURSE) and had been rerouted 3 times in that stretch due to the stupid tree when my boss called back–they’d found the damn dress.

I walked back, stopped at an ATM to get more cab money, got the dress and tried to hail a cab (no way I was going to carry a dress that cost as much as 1 year of tuition back to the offices through the ridiculous Rockefeller crowds).  Obviously cabs were few and far between.  This meant that I ended up in the black cabs–you know, the “cabs” that charge you 3 times what they should.  The guy even asked me how much I thought I should pay him–considering it was a return trip from a route I’d JUST taken, I named the same price I paid on the way out.  He just laughed at me (and laughed harder when I told him what I’d paid earlier and said “oh, well, there’s more traffic now) and upped my number by about 20 bucks.  Great.

I finally got back to the office and dropped off the coat.  By then, I was so totally over the tree and the crowds and everything that touristy Christmas implied that I just left–didn’t even bother asking if there was anything else that anyone needed.  Dropped and ran.

But this year?  I don’t work in mid-town.  I don’t work near ANYTHING touristy.  And when I’m not at work, I don’t plan to drop much lower than my neighborhood until January.

It’s going to be a much more relaxed holiday season!


10 thoughts on “We’re breaking out the holly and aluminum tree ’cause it’s that jolly season

  1. we used to go into NYC every stinkin year growing up to “see the windows”. it was fun and all but i even remember the crowds from then and i can’t imagine it got better. my mom has this grand plan of heading in with the WHOLE family just days before christmas… i’m already dreading it. and debating buying mace.

  2. Dutchess: Oh it definitely wasn’t!

    NSJ: Bring the mace…you’ll need it!

    Ben: You know it!

    Matt: Oh yeah, she had no shot at keeping that job.

    Jessica: Haha yeah, it re-stressed me writing it too! The Rock Tree lighting was much nicer from my living room ;)

  3. I would have lost it and drop kicked that girl for leaving me in a cold mail room. That is if I was capable of drop kicking a girl, which I’m not, but still – that girl is not nice.

  4. The thing I hate about Christmas most is the crowds. It’s inevitable. And also the reason why I do most of my christmas shopping online and try really hard not to go out too much over the christmas season unless i have to!

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