Thanksgiving…in pictures…finally!!

Okay, so it’s almost a week late, but here it is: the Thanksgiving post!

Boo and I went back to the ‘Burgh for the holidays.  This was kind of cool just b/c it’s the first time we’ve flown together.  And yes, that sounds cheesy and dorky but I was excited for it–trust me, you fly alone enough and you get really excited about company!

At the gate waiting for our connecting flight we saw this couple:


I kind of thought they were really cool so we pulled a Central Park and snapped their pic.  Right before this, she had pulled out an old school Polaroid camera and took the dude’s picture.  I shouldn’t have dug them so much but I did.

While we had the camera out another guy walked by.  Once we saw him we knew we had to wait and take his picture too:


You can’t really tell, but that is his Stetson on the seat next to him.  Awesome.

Once we got home we really took advantage of the fact that we were not in the city.  We were gonna practice our turkey calling but we didn’t have to:


Yeah, that’s the tip of the ice berg.  There were (and I am NOT exaggerating) another 14 or 15 birds behind those.  They have the tendency to peck at my car (which is not the white car in the pic) so I went out and yelled “DON’T YOU KNOW IT’S THANKSGIVING?!” at them.  They didn’t seem to care.  In fact, they came closer to the house.


Yeah, that big mo-fo on the ground is waiting for the guy in the tree (yeah, IN THE TREE) to drop some food down.

And then, the main event.  Thanksgiving Day.

While Boo was busy in the kitchen…


(and yeah, he offered to help cook and was in charge of the very yummy green bean casserole)

…I did this:


Yes.  That’s a Bloody Mary.  And yes, I’m still in pajamas.  Because yes, that was before 11am.

I love Thanksgiving.


22 thoughts on “Thanksgiving…in pictures…finally!!

  1. What exactly is that, that Boo is cooking? pumkin? sweet potato?

    and kudos on the bloody mary. I’d say you did thanksgiving right.

  2. Green bean casserole is the most wonderful thing about Thanksgiving.

    Unless of course your husband spills it in your car and you don’t know it until a week later when it starts to go rancid and you finally find the source of the smell.

    Not that that has ever happened to me.

  3. i would have ogled over that first couple too. it always amazes me just how cool some people really are – and the fact that she pulled out a polariod camera and took his picture? confirms that they’re not just dressed cool, they ARE cool.
    i always wished i was indie hip, but i’m so the opposite.

  4. Matt: Those were smashed sweet potatoes. I only ate them…Stealthnerd would be able to tell you more about those. She had more of a part in those than I did…

  5. look at him work that wisk!

    bloody mary in pj’s at 11am on thanksgiving? my kind of woman! i think i was in a grocery store by then (yes, i’m crazy enough to brave the store on thanksgiving, but it was surprisingly well stocked!)

  6. This is completely random, but in that bottom picture you look JUST like one of my best friends in California. She has the same red glasses and wavy dark brown hair. CRAZY!

    There’s a diner right by my house that serves great chicken dishes. Behind it, chickens and turkeys roam free. i have no clue why, but I keep wanting to kidnap (poultrynap?) them and scream “are you crazy?!” Maybe it’s just me.

  7. Matt: Boo covered this, but yeah, those were smashed sweet potatoes. And thanks, I did better w/the bloody mary this year–at least no one called me a mean drunk anyway!

    Lily: Do the bf’s sweatpants count? B/c that’s what I was rocking!

    Kristen: No, of course not. I wouldn’t even have thought it would have happened.

    NSJ: They were totally, enviably cool. Mainly b/c you could tell they were just like that–not in the “I shop at Urban Outfitters” way either!

    Boo: It was exploding gravy, did we forget to tell you?

    Matt (again): Thanks so much for the cash comments!

    Boo/Matt: Yeah…I didn’t eat them either–I just like to smash things!

    Dutchess: It’s better that way.

    Apollo: You know it!

    dmb5_libra: I am awestruck that you went out in that!

    Erica: YAY indeed!

    Meg: I’ll take a tie on that!

    Lauren: Doppleganger! But seriously, you should poultrynap…and then blog about it!

    Arjewtino: That’s how I keep myself busy on the subway.

    Andy: I’m starting to think you might be the male me. Is that weird to say?

    rs27: It means a lot to me?

    Alexa: It’s trueeee!

    Dingo: Crap! I didn’t know that! Quick Boo, get your turkey punchers!

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