THON Update: 11/25-11/30

Hey everyone, time for our THON totals for the week.

For those of you who may just be stumbling on this site, click here to read about what I’m doing.

5 cents for every comment on every new post b/w November 12 and February 20, up to $100.  I’m not counting pingbacks or my own comments either.

At the end of the third week the total is:


The total so far:


Okay…nearly $10 isn’t bad for the first month.  Especially since it wasn’t a full month and we had a holiday week.  But I really want to encourage everyone to comment!  These comment are raising money for a great cause.  To sweeten the deal a little, I’m going to give a little prize to the person who comments the most, so keep the comments coming!  Keep it within reason though–I don’t want 1-letter comments to spell out what you want to say!

Keep up the comments!!!  FTK!!*


*To answer Matt’s question from last week, FTK= For The Kids!!


13 thoughts on “THON Update: 11/25-11/30

  1. I always get excited when I see these updates in my reader because I keep thinking it says THONG update.

    Thanks for explaining the FTK thing.

  2. My first THON I was simply a Common Wealth Campus committee member. We threw our first Mini THON that year, and it was pretty fun. I ended up napping for a very small period because I had to work that weekend too! (Stupid GIANT store…)

  3. Anyway, I still didn’t have a clue of what THON was until I got to go up to the real THON. What an amazing experience. I decided that year, that I was going to be a Moraler. I was a moraler for two years after that. Not to mention…met the love of my life through THON. So here’s 1o more cents For the Kids!

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