I still don’t like a lot of you

Do you know where I’m supposed to be tonight?

My 5th year high school reunion.

Yup.  You read that right.  5th. Year. High. School. Reunion.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but no one has done anything (at least not anything of substance) in the last 5 years.  In fact, I went to college with most of the people I was friends with in high school (that’ll happen with a state school).  In fact, I dated more people from my high school after I graduated than I did while I was attending the school.

To be perfectly honest on this one, I still don’t like a lot of the people I went to school with.  Oh, sure, I still have friends from high school.  But you know what–I see those people.  The people that I still like and still want to be in touch with I am still in touch with.  And the rest of our class?  I’m totally fine with not seeing them.

Plus, everyone knows that the point of the reunions–the REAL point–is to go back and flaunt your successes to everyone who made your life miserable in high school.  Wait, was it just me who saw Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion?

I mean, we are not the kids from Tree Hill, who apparently wound up with wildly successful careers after never stepping foot on a college campus. Most of us, since we graduated into a declining economy, spent some time unemployed.  Most of us have switched jobs at least once already.  Most of us are living at home still.  And the rest of us, moved as far away as possible–on purpose.

So why, when a great majority of us got married with our bffs from grades 9-12 in our bridal party, are we reuniting?

I don’t know.  Ask me in another 5 years.  I’ll probably go to that one.


8 thoughts on “I still don’t like a lot of you

  1. You couldn’t pay me enough money to make me go to ANY high school reunion for my graduating class. It was a complete lifetime ago and I have no intention of revisiting it for old time’s sake.

    Bitches please…

  2. i’ve never understood the 5yr either. luckily my school didn’t have one but i even skipped our 10yr because i just didn’t feel like spending money to go see people i haven’t cared enough to be in contact with in 10 years! like you, i talk to the people i want to talk to from high school. yes, i’m definitely curious and just want to see who fattied up and who’s a big time loser but not if it costs me money. instead i get the recap from locals i am in contact with who went… they were instructed to take pictures but couldn’t quite manage that task.
    oh well.

  3. My high school didn’t even bother with a 5 year, and I skipped my 10 year, as well. Maybe sometime…
    I did go to my 5-year college reunion, but that was weird enough that I don’t know if I’ll go to another one.

  4. One of my mates from work went to her ten year high school reunion last week, despite not wanting to go. She had a HORRIFIC time – she said it was exactly like being back at high school. Not a good thing at all . . .

  5. 5th year reunion?! Ridiculous! I wouldn’t go either. It’s all about showing off how successful you are TEN years later (yes, JUST LIKE Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion! Such a silly/fun movie).

    My problem? I need to be more successful. One of my friends from high school was actually IN One Tree Hill. I’m doomed.

  6. Ben: You said it!

    NSJ: Always good to have a few people on the inside for a recap!

    jamiekelly: Hey, you made it to one reunion–that’s gotta count for something, right?

    Kristen: I think my number hovers just slightly above yours, but it’s definitely below 10.

    Paula: Yeah…that seems to be the general consensus on those things.

    Lauren: She was in 1TH? Did Chad Michael Murray try to marry her? B/c that’d be a story worth hearing.

    UPDATE TO ALL: I’ve seen a few pictures from the reunion and so far, I’m not upset that I skipped it. It was, from what I can tell, just an excuse for all the “cool” kids to get together and drink. Which was, again from what I can tell, just another Friday night for most.

  7. My class didn’t even DO a 5th year reunion, though I’m kind of glad because I’m not sure what decision I would’ve made about going, and either way, I bet I would’ve second guessed it… 10 years makes more sense. I’ll definitely do that.

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