I never understood until I got to college

Until I got to college, I never really understood the importance of a holiday dedicated to food.  This is an entire holiday whose purpose (giving thanks aside) is to eat.  This stopped being a good thing when I got to college (read: was eating dorm food all the time and yes that does mean Easy Mac) and became a great thing.

On today’s menu:

  • 3-ingredient olive dip.  My aunt and I are in charge of this one.  It’s really the pinnacle of the hor’s d’ouvres.  The whole meal would probably fall apart if the 2 of us didn’t SLAVE over this 3 ingredient dip.  Just saying.
  • Turkey
  • Stuffing
  • Crummy broccoli casserole–because what’s not to like about broccoli smothered in cheese?
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Cranberrys and/or sweet potatoes (I can’t say which–I don’t eat these 2 so I like to keep them at the other end of the table from me.  If it were sweet potato fries we were talking about though, that would be a different story)
  • Green bean casserole–Boo is in charge of this one.  That’s right, Mama B put him to work this year.  Clearly he’s more trusted in the kitchen than certain family members (see first item on menu).

We’ve also got hummus, baked feta, a cheese tray and Bloody Mary’s planned for before the meal (read: this is why I’ve accidentally gotten drunk before 11 some years).  And we’ve got 2 pies and more cookies than we can count for after the meal.

Life is good.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Now stop reading and go eat!!  Seriously!  Step away from the computer and go find yourself a glass of wine and some yummy pre-turkey snacks!


5 thoughts on “I never understood until I got to college

  1. OMG. Yum. I wish we did Thanksgiving here in Australia. I don’t know how you guys manage to fit two ‘eating’ holidays so close together!

  2. Ben: That casserole is one of 2 reasons I own a casserole dish. The other reason is the cheesy, bread crumby potato casserole.

    Erica: Just celebrate again! Be doubly thankful!

    Jamie: Happy (now it’s belated, my bad) Thanksgiving to you too!

    Miss Em: Oh we manage! It’s all about pacing yourself. Oh, and a good pair of fat pants helps too ;)

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