Why home is good

Things I’ve done since I’ve been home:


  • Slept in my own bed.
  • Slept in the chaise lounge (well, to be fair, I coma’d in that lounge.  There’s no sleeping–it’s a full-on knock-out chair).
  • Got a massage with Jan, my massage lady.  If I get a Sven, I’d like him to have her magic hands.
  • DROVE MY BABY!!!  I missed Conan but he didn’t let me down.  I think I’ll show you pictures of him soon.
  • Got together with a high school friend–and talked about how neither of us feel the need to attend our 5th year high school reunion.
  • Had home-cooked meals, including the potato casserole that I can’t make for myself because they just do not sell those stupid potatoes anywhere.
  • Saw some turkeys–watched to make sure they didn’t peck my car tires–again.
  • Saw a woodpecker.  Thought about shooting it for pecking the house but didn’t feel like running out of the house Sunday morning with the gun.


Home is good.


14 thoughts on “Why home is good

  1. I love ‘moving home’ for special weekends and stuff. I’ll miss that this Christmas since the folks are coming to stay with us but it should still be fun!

    Next time, pop that woodpecker. He’s had it coming.

  2. Seriously there is like 20 turkeys here! One is as tall as I am..ok ALMOST as tall, but seriously he’s a scary bird. Hunny? Where’s my turkey punchers??

  3. Turkeys pecked your tires? Nice.

    Home is always nice… and even better that you got to see a high school friend to reminisce about how high school sucked.

  4. There are some turkeys that hang out on the side of the road around here. I can’t help but think they’re renegade turkeys, escaped from some prison camp somewhere close by.

    You won’t catch me getting out of the car on that stretch of road I’ll tell you.

  5. Ben: Aw, I’m sure hosting will be very fun! And yeah, he’s definitely had it coming.

    Alexa: Wexford, PA. Home to Christina Aguilera and random fowl.

    Boo: In the bottom of your suitcase dear.

    Andy: It seems to be the favorite activity among my high school friends.

    Matt: I wouldn’t if I were you.

    Kristen: No no. Stay in the car and lock the doors. Oh, and you’re not old–I’m just a baby!

    Apollo: No one has changed at all. Half the people involved in the planning of this are living with people we went to high school with.

    BRR: I’m telling you, get a Sven.

    NSJ: That is a good dream actually.

    rs27: There’s nothing wrong with that.

    Heather: “Home is good. Large, territorial fowl are not.”–PRICELESS.

    Katelin: Haha it was a good hour, I can’t lie.

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