RCN…you’re KILLING me!

Rachel and I have been living in The Carton for a little over a year now.  This means we’ve been paying our cable bill for as long.  In an interesting, and unannounced by RCN, turn of events, our cable bill spiked last month, jumping over 20 dollars.

It was possible, we reasoned, that our initial cable bundled packaged price had lapsed.  But w/o any warning, I didn’t feel like RCN was doing us right.  So I called them.*


Me: Yeah, hi, I had a question about my bill.

RCN: What can I help you with?

Me: I’m wondering why my bill spiked up in price.  I mean, we got no warning about it and the bill didn’t say why it spiked.  I’m just trying to figure out why I’m paying over a hundred dollars when there are cheaper prices online.

RCN: Let me put you on hold here and I’ll check.

*Waits on hold for a few minutes*

RCN: Well, ma’am you are paying the lowest price available right now.

Me: I’m looking at my computer and it says on the RCN page that there is a bundle for $77.  Why am I paying over $100 now?

RCN: Hm.  I didn’t see any lower prices.

Me: I’m looking at the screen right now.  Why am I paying so much more?

RCN: Let me put you on hold again for another quick minute and I’ll see what I can find out.

Me: Thank you.

*Waits on hold again*

RCN: Okay, ma’am?  You have a promotion price right now that will last until November 2009.

Me: Then why did my bill spike?

RCN: Your promotion dropped off.

Me (thinking this woman must be smoking something): But you just said I have a promotion price.

RCN: That’s right.

Me: Then why did my bill spike?

RCN: Your promotion dropped off.

Me (completely not understanding this woman): Well.  Why am I paying over $100 when there is a price off $77 online?  No one told me my bill was going to jump.  Why should I be paying $30 more than what you have listed as the bill price?

RCN: I’m not sure.  Let me check and see if you are applicable for this promotion.

*Waits on hold.  Again.  Fearing that this woman may not know anything*

RCN: Ma’am.  You had a supervisor’s promotion.  That dropped off.  That’s why your bill changed.  You still have another promotion.  I can’t get you this online price b/c it’s for new customers only.  But I can offer you $5 off your bill.  How’s that sound?

Me (wondering why the hell this woman didn’t just say all that in the first place): Well yeah, that’s better than nothing.  Thanks!  Is that it?

RCN: Uh, well, you called me.

Me: I know that.  I’m asking you if there is anything else I need to do to get the $5 off.

RCN: No.  You can wait on the line while I set this up.  Let me put you on hold please.

*Waits on hold.  Again.*

RCN: Okay, you’re all set.  Now I know you can’t remember everything but try not to forget that this will drop off next year.  Bye.

Me: OH NO YOU DID NOT JUST SASS ME!!! (To, of course, an empty line).


I’d love to say that maybe it would be different with another cable company.  But, since my building only allows us to use RCN, I guess I’ll never know.

But to be honest, I get the feeling they are all shiesty.

*In actuality, I tried to speak with them in person twice, but apparently you can only PAY your bills in-office–you can’t inquire about your bills.  Dumb.

15 thoughts on “RCN…you’re KILLING me!

  1. Ben: I really wanted too, trust me.

    Jamie: At least it’s not just RCN then….

    Matt: Totally.

    dmb5_libra: Haha! I hung up and was like “RCN just SASSED me!” and my boss told me to go downstairs and kick their asses but, sadly, you can only pay the bills down there–not dispute them. Bummer.

  2. i went through this exact same thing in August except my bill went from $30 to $70! apparently i could add phone & internet and get it all for $79 a month but i can’t justify it because then i’m just paying $10 more… but still. WTF?!?

  3. Is The Carton a building or an area??? Sorry, I’m confused.

    But I DO hate phoning customer services of ANYTHING about anything. I always end up wrong-footed.

  4. NSJ: Ugh, I know! I hate that I could pay less to buy a service that I don’t even need. What is the point?

    Paula: Haha sorry–The Carton is what Rachel and I named our apartment. Sort of like, an egg carton.

    BRR: Never. They NEVER have a clue. I feel like they are trained to just not know what is going on.

  5. I have Time Warner. I hate them. Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate…. I think all cable companies hire clueless incoherent people so that the rest of us get frustrated and just hang up.

  6. rs27: She was a total jive turkey.

    Dingo/Apollo/Allison: Suddenly RCN doesn’t seem so bad….

    Kristen: Wow. I’m…sorry? Must make it easier to tell them off with that name though….

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