Save the best bite for last

I had the best bagel this morning.  Okay, to be fair, it wasn’t the BEST bagel I’ve ever had, but it was from my favorite breakfast stop on the way into work so that bumps it to “best” status.

Almost every morning I pop into Lenny’s and grab a plain bagel, toasted, with plain cream cheese.  In the summer, I used to pair that with an iced tea.  Once it got colder and I felt like I was lacking some Vitamin C, I started pairing it with the fresh-squeezed orange juice (which, by the way, is probably the best OJ I’ve ever had).  I’m in there so much that the guy who takes my order, Diego, knows me.

In fact, he asked me this morning where I was yesterday.  I didn’t have the heard to tell him I’d brought breakfast.

The up side to having the Lenny’s guys know me is that I tend to get extra cream cheese on my bagel.

The down side to having the Lenny’s guy know me is that I tend to get extra cream cheese on my bagel.

I always think that this is a great thing until I’ve got that last quarter of the bagel left.  I redistribute the cream cheese (again) and then I get ready to tackle that last big, figuring out which bites look like they will be the best–best cream cheese configuration and best bagel consistency.

This is dangerous thought.  What happens if I fill up!?  Then I’ve wasted those perfectly good bites.

This doesn’t just happen with breakfast–I can do this with pretty much any meal.  It’s the same as when you were a kid and you ate all your vegetables first so you’d finish the meal with the good taste of whatever your side dish was (for me it was usually orzo w/melted parmesan that I was holding out for).  Then, after scarfing all the veggies and eating the requisite amount of meat to ensure you would still get dessert, you’d be full.  And all that fabulous orzo was wasted.

Or when you go out to dinner and you KNOW you want dessert.  But then your food gets to the table and it looks really good and you can’t bring yourself to save it for leftovers because you KNOW it won’t taste as good when it’s reheated and then, next thing you know, you have no room for dessert.

I guess it’s just like the coats–when it comes to dinner (or breakfast), you better not peak too soon.


22 thoughts on “Save the best bite for last

  1. LOL, I always eat veggies first so I can save the best for last!

    BTW, I am pretty much famous for the pizza bagels I make.

    Just thought you should know that.

  2. I’m so glad there are others out there with this problem. Can we form a support group for People Who Like Food So Much It Becomes Socially Unacceptable?

  3. Saving the best for last is always an issue with me too. I always get too full, and it’s not even because I eat all of my main course. I’m a lush!! I drink my water and whatever beverage I ordered, and they keep refilling them, and I keep drinking them!! It’s all down hill from there.

  4. Matt: Thanks for the 20 cents. I’m glad I’m not the only one who rushes the veggies. Oh, and you realize that you totally owe us all pizza bagels now, right?

    Andy: Haha thanks. I’m glad my bagel post didn’t disappoint.

    Narm: Well…can we have food at the PWLFSMIBSU meetings?

    Heather: Hahaha a water lush, I love it!

    Ben: I knooow! I must be a weak eater. Oh, and you realize what the new goal is, right? To get Matt to make pizza bagels for all of us?

  5. oy! on long island it’s worse: they forget that it’s a bagel with cream cheese, not a pound of cream cheese some bread on the side. so messy! but i do love that cream cheese. nice post!

  6. Man, I LOVE bagels and cream cheese. (Smoked salmon optional). Yum yum YUM. Sorry, got carried away there . . .

    I always save the best part of my meal for last. A lot of the time I don’t enjoy it as a result. :(

  7. Oh man, I totally do that and thought it was just me being OCD. Woohoo, I’m not crazy!

    P.S. I hate a lot of cream cheese on my bagel! I think I eat a bagel more for the texture of the dough. The cream cheese just makes it taste better, ha.

  8. Can’t say I have this problem! I’m such a slow eater by the time I get to the last quarter of my bagel it’s cold and the cream cheese has gotten a little crusty…yuck!

  9. gambypants: Can I get a bagel with your schmear?

    Apollo: He’s gonna make us some. Right Matt?

    Kristen: 15 cents = awesome. 2 of us out there = well, good for us, scary as hell for everyone else!

    Paula: It sucks, right?!

    rs27: Sadly no, it’s the Lenny’s on 23rd (hear that stalkers?).

    MinD: Haha over here, you are never the most crazy!

    Erica: Ew! Bummer!

    so@24: Second best?! Just kidding! But seriously, who beat my bagel post?

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