Don’t peak too soon

This morning I woke up, checked and there it was: rain/snow showers.  Crap.  There’s no avoiding it now.  It seems like everyone else I know has had some snow.  My mom sent me a picture just this weekend of my poor baby Conan (yes that IS my car and yes, I DID name him) covered in snow while I was lounging in CT, enjoying the 60-degree weather.

But now there is no avoiding it.  Rachel busted into my room this morning and asked “DO YOU SEE THAT?!”  I pulled up my blinds and sure enough, there it was.  Or rather there they were–the first flakes of the season (at least the first to make to the UES) were falling outside my window.

Crap, I thought, now it’s going to start getting cold. I’ve been wearing my little wool coat for a little over a week, taking a break last weekend and returning to my leather coat for the afore-mentioned warm snap.  (Actually wait…is it a snap if it’s warm?  I feel like only the cold weather happens in snaps.  Or in spells for that matter.  Anyway…).

Here’s where I run into my winter dilemma: When do I pull out the big-guns of the winter arsenal–the puffer coat?

Sure, it’s chilly today.  And sure, the temperatures are in the 30s and when you walk outside it seems like this would be a great day for the puffer coat.  I mean, if down isn’t good for a day like today than what is it good for?  But, assuming you do pull out the coat, what are you going to do in February, when the windchill is -70 and the ice and sleet and snow and wind are all whipping around?  (Yeah…-70 might be a bit of an exaggeration–it’s not like I’m upstate or anything).

If you pull out the puffer on a day when you’d be just fine with your wool, a hat and gloves, you’re screwed.  You get used to the coat.  And then, when the temperatures drop drastically, you have no “last resort” option.  You can’t wake up and say “well, it’s freezing outside and I can barely stand to put my jewelry on b/c the metal is so damn cold but it’s okay b/c I’ve still got my down jacket to look forward too” because you won’t have it!  You peaked back in November and have been crying about the cold ever since.

It’s a tricky situation.  The winter has a whole slew of problems–dry skin, staticy hair, runny noses–your coat shouldn’t have to be on that list.


21 thoughts on “Don’t peak too soon

  1. I love the puffer coat. I do not love how disproportionate it makes me look. Being rather wee, I end up looking like a bowling ball stumbling around twigs.

  2. I think you’ll like the co-post Ben and I wrote today… also, I have never quite understood the puffer coat. It reminds me of George Costanza in that liquor store.

  3. every year in about March i kick myself because i hold off so long on wearing my thick comfy cold weather stuff that i end up wearing it about 2 weeks total. this year i’ve decided to wear my really cold weather stuff more. you should too!

  4. Gretchen: I’m hoping to keep mine in reserves until then too!!

    Matt: There’s actually a story about my car too. Maybe I’ll take pictures of Conan when I’m home and tell the story some day.

    Ben: Ooh, I’m wee too! It’s hard to find a coat that doesn’t swallow you whole!

    Andy: Ah yes, the Gortex fiasco.

    NSJ: Well I am concerned about that but since I’m kind of wimpy I’ll probably pull it out of the closet after Thanksgiving.

  5. Wait! Wha–! I didn’t see any snow and I’ve been looking for it. Is there any chance we can get a snow day before this Thursday? PLEEZ! Do what you can, ‘k?

  6. This is the debate I’m having with myself lately and I say hold off as long as possible. I’m still wearing sweaters and it’s about 40 degrees today.

    I will be warm and snuggly in my puffy coat in February whilst everyone else has spent thier penny already.

    I am so smart.

  7. Apollo: It’s not Goretex big but it’s not a little guy either–it’s fairly sizable.

    Dingo: I’ll see what I can do.

    Kristen: No no, just smart. Just smart.

    Mermanda: How long have you been peaked for? There may still be time! You could jump back to wool and hold out for the REAL cold!

    dmb5_libra: You are way tougher than me!

  8. I pulled the wool pea coat out today for the first time, rocking it ’cause it’s in the 40s. I figure I can manage here through winter…or so I hope. I mean, I’m south of the Mason-Dixon, so uh, you assume I won’t need my Calvin Klein puffer ’til I head to PA for the holidays, right?

    Damn. Now you’ve got me nervous about my coat-related decision-making process. Hmmmm…

  9. Meg: I’m so jealous!

    MinD: Oooh and you know that PA weather usually warrants the puffer!

    katelin: Wait, are you saying you miss it? I’ll send some cold your way if you want.

  10. I’ve been having exactly this dilemma! I had big plans to save my biggest, baddest, long and perfect peacoat until after Thanksgiving. But it was so cold this week it made me cry, so I busted it out early. If it warms up though? Back into the closet for that one.

    aaaaand, five cents for this comment! That is seriously the coolest idea ever.

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