What the feast?! They’re just skipping Thanksgiving this year!

I noticed something last week.  Something terrible.

America is skipping Thanksgiving.

What’s that?  You don’t believe me?  Fine, but let me offer this:

Normally, each year, ad campaigns start in September with the Halloween promos.  Let’s use Wal-Mart as our example.

This year, Wal-Mart aired the Halloween commercials, hocking everything from costumes to candy–the usual.  Then, on November 1st, the date which would normally signal the start of the Thanksgiving commercials (especially given Wal-Mart’s penchant for “low-priced foods”).  But, wait–what’s this?

Straight to Christmas.

Wal-Mart is saying how the memorable part of CHRISTMAS is the food.  (Not the presents or carols or the church services).  It’s not CHRISTMAS without the yams and the green beans and the whatever.

Yeah…hi…when did we make the switch to Christmas being the eating holiday?  I thought that Thanksgiving’s game.  You know.  The THANKSGIVING turkey.  The flaky crescent rolls (you’re welcome Pillsbury).  The bloody Mary’s.  And, you know, the whole cornucopia of goodness.

That’s when it hit me–we’re skipping Thanksgiving this year.  In the rush to get Christmas out early, we’ve totally skipped a pretty good holiday.  I mean, this is an entire holiday devoted to EATING!!!  How do you beat that?!?!  What is the point of passing over a holiday where the sole activity of the day is eating?  (Well, for me anyway–I’m not usually in the kitchen.  I handle the dip and I totally make it the night before.)  This is a great, not-to-be-missed day.  Not to be (wait for it, wait for it…) glazed over (yeah, I DID just type that).

Obviously, Christmas is still a super fabulous holiday.  Very important.  All of the December holidays are pretty big and important.  But so important that they overshadow Thanksgiving?  I mean, there are skippable holidays.  Arbor Day.  Flag Day.  All the holidays that don’t warrant a sale at Macy’s.  But Thanksgiving?  That’s a holiday w/o which Black Friday would not exist.

I just don’t get it, America.  Why are we skipping Thanksgiving this year?


20 thoughts on “What the feast?! They’re just skipping Thanksgiving this year!

  1. On the contrary, I don’t think Wal-mart ever remembers Thanksgiving. But really, isn’t Thanksgiving more about people getting together and eating? There’s not too many commercial tie-ins there. They are going to eat regardless of the marketing.
    BTW- Do you remember that SVTB: The College Years episode when the group had Thanksgiving at the college, and all those random celebrities showed up?

  2. i love that the new message is that Christmas is all about the food. i say we call is Foodmas from now on.
    but seriously? skipping Thanksgiving? not acceptable. it’s bad enough that M’s family will make anything BUT turkey on this day and i’m forced to cook my own on Friday to satisfy that need that builds all year long. WTF is up with this world?

  3. Matt: It’s tragic.

    Andy: Fair, but there has been a drastic decline of the “buy your turkeys NOW!!” commercials. Oh, and I KNOW the episode–everyone has grand Thanksgiving plans that somehow get wrecked so they stay at school helping Mike with his impoverished kids lunch. It’ll be on next Thursday. Guaranteed.

    Apollo: Well what’s not to like?!

    NSJ: I’d have been OK with that actually–until last year, I wasn’t such a turkey fan (picky eater growing up, what can I say?). It’s growing on me though and I am pretty excited for all the food this year.

    rs27: Aw, and I didn’t even ask to play the game! But seriously, I’d be thankful for that too!

    Ben: What are we thinking not following your example yet?!

  4. Christmas is Thanksgiving with stress. I hate Xmas – give me a day based around eating too much, football and naps. Not to mention the night before is the biggest bar night of the year – so you just added drinking to the mix!

  5. Narm: You know, you make a good point.

    MinD: I hope they aren’t skipping it either. Thanksgiving offers a lot of foods that Christmas doesn’t. Pumpkin pie is a bit more Thanksgivingy than Christmasy.

    Helmet: The Seinfeld approach…nothing wrong with that!

  6. “Glazed Over” – you are too funny.

    You have a very good point here. There has been a lot of early Christmas stuff. But the good news is Safeway still has creepy carved turkeys at the doors to welcome you in. Who buys those?

  7. They are skipping Thanksgiving because no one has money for the After Thanksgiving Day sales. Everyone’s saving for Christmas. Why commercialize a holiday when there’s no commerce?

  8. Meg: haha thank you for thinking that was funny and not shunning me for my use of bad puns!

    Alexa: It’s just too soon! I haven’t even finished my bag of Halloween Reese’s PB cups (b/c yes, I’m so that kid who buys the bulk candy for just herself!)

    Dingo: That’s an interesting point….

  9. Lauren: Aw no! Thanksgiving shouldn’t make you cry! Well, I mean, burning the turkey could make you cry but the commercial FOR the turkey shouldn’t! I’m crossing my fingers for you!

    Heather: It could be marketing. Speaking of bringing in the cash–I’m keeping your double comment up–5 extra cents towards THON!!

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