Bowling with Luke Danes and Wilhelmina Slater

This morning I had a dream.  It was right before my alarm went off, in that last little bit of sleep I was trying to squeeze in.  I know this b/c I woke up at 6:17 and my alarm wasn’t going off until 7:03.  And yes, I knew exactly what time I woke up at.  And yes, I do set my alarm for a weird time.  I have never set it on normal intervals, you know, the 5’s.  Always on an off number.

Anyway, so I had this dream.  It started with that episode of Family Guy where Peter sticks his head down the bowling ball return to see what’s down there.  Then it quickly switched into me bowling with 2 people.  I’m not sure who they were, exactly, but the girl was kind of being a bitch and I was moderating the game.  The girl was playing hard core.  She bowled one ball so hard that it bounced into the guy’s lane, then back into hers, then back into his and she got a strike in HIS lane.  He totally took the points too.

That’s when we switched again.  Suddenly, I was at a bar.  We were still bowling but now the guy and the girl had identities.  The guy was Luke Danes.  Yes.  From Gilmore Girls.  I watched Little Big League last weekend.  Scott Paterson was looking pretty adorable but also pretty much the same.  I guess that’s why he was there.  And Vanessa Williams, obviously, was there because of last night’s Ugly Betty.

So anyway, WS/me (b/c obviously I had to be a character and an observer–my dreams can’t be easy) was trying to bowl.  But Luke was trying to get us drinks from the bar.  We were trying to throw the ball but he’d placed a bunch of grocery bags in the lane and it sucked.  But just when I was getting ready to throw the ball, it turned into a chocolate chip cookie.

I was kind of pissed b/c the cookie crumbled but then Luke walked over and handed me a beer.  I took a sip and tried to wash the cookie down with it.  Which, in retrospect, wasn’t a great plan.  The 2 don’t really mix well.

Anyway, the point of all of this, other than to see if you guys think there might be something wrong with me for having dreams like that when I’m NOT on Nyquil, is that now, more than anything, I want a chocolate chip cookie.

It doesn’t even have to be a real, homemade cookie.  I’d be happy with Chips Ahoy right now.  My only criteria is that it have chocolate in it.  That’s it.

Now I have a weekend project.


9 thoughts on “Bowling with Luke Danes and Wilhelmina Slater

  1. i thought maybe Luke came up because of the danceathon you talked about. because that event totally made GG pop into my head. i guess Little Big League is a better reason though so you’re probably right.

  2. Meg: Sorry–I didn’t mean to incite a craving!

    Apollo: Yeah, I was hoping you would overlook the dream part and focus on the cookie part. No such luck, eh?

    Andy: Puntastic. And I loved it.

    NSJ: Uh, the dance marathon episode of GG is one of my favorite episodes from the whole series!

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