P is for Pat Sajak…

The other day I was over on one of my new favorite blogs, Lily Speak and saw that she was playing a fun little game.

The idea is, you comment on this post and she gives you a letter.  Then, with your letter in hand, you list 10 things you love that start with that letter!

Now, when I commented, I mentioned how I felt very Wheel of Fortuney asking for a letter, so, b/c she’s awesome and hilarious, I was given “P for Pat Sajak.”

My 10 favorite Ps….

  1. Peanut butter cups, specifically Reese’s (like there’s any question!).  Actually, any and all things peanut buttery….
  2. Popcorn
  3. Pasta, pizza…all Italian foods.  And I clumped them b/c I realized my first 3 on this list were food and I felt like I was cheating!
  4. Post-Its!  I have such a love affair with them.  Actually, I can add pens and paper…I can’t help my office supply addiction.
  5. PC vs. Macs…once a PC girl, always a PC girl I’m afraid.
  6. Purple.  I always say I don’t have a favorite color but I do really like purple.
  7. Project Runway–love that show!
  8. Padma.  And the rest of the Top Chef crew.
  9. Panic! At the Disco.
  10. Puppies!!!!  I looove them and I can’t wait to have a puppy of my own!

So…do you want a letter?  I’m handing ’em out, but don’t forget to link back to this post!


22 thoughts on “P is for Pat Sajak…

  1. Nicely done! Ok, PB – I have a jar of PB on my desk (the big one), and sometimes, I just eat it by the spoonful…

    Padma. I caught Top Chef last night for the first time ever and I AM HOOKED

    Panic! At the Disco. Who doesn’t love a good emo punk band???

    Thanks for the holla! :)

  2. lily: Thanks for the inspiration! Oh, and Top Chef…you totally gotta get into it! It’s one of my all-time favorite shows!

    Mermanda: Your letter is C.

    Boo: Thanks for the 5 cents…and no, I’m not committing to any favorite colors yet!

    Matt: Just for that, I’m giving you G.

    NSJ: Hm…how about a B?

  3. Have you ever tried the peanut butter cups from planters peanuts??

    If not, run out and buy some stat. Then when you recover from the deliciousness that they are, we can discuss it together.

  4. Paula: In that case, S…for spaghetti!

    BRR: Hm…interesting. I’ll have to investigate these pb cups. I’ll get back to you.

    Meg: CLEARLY the best thing ever–that’s why those girls stripped on Survivor. Oh, and probably also b/c they were a bit slutty, but still.

    Andy: Oh you know, always trying to refrain from the inappropriate. What with the parentals reading the blog and all.

    Alexa: Yes…yes it is. But also for plum! Do you want a letter? How about an F for fruit?

  5. Apollo: Not a Vanna fan?

    Matt: Aw, that’s actually a little sad….Should I raise it to like, an E? (Even though that’s another non-grade letter…)

    Arjewtino: How can you say that? Have you never seen the video of the baby panda sneezing?

    rs27: That would make me cry too.

  6. Letter must I have! Okay, that sounded a little more Yoda-ish(is that any relation to yiddish?!) than I originally intended. ^__^

    I am not trying to get a Y. I merely mentioned 2 Y words. I bet I don’t even know ten words that start with Y. Hmmm.

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