Sore throats and the wind

This morning I woke up with a sore throat.

I HATE sore throats.

In college, a sore throat usually led to strep throat.  For some reason, I was a magnet for that illness during my 4 years at Penn State.  I never got it before I went to college and I haven’t had it since, but that university was like a cess pool for sickness (something about sharing cups during beer pong?) and I was strep happy while I was there.

But PSU aside, sore throats generally mean the onset of a cold (or allergies).  They are an overall annoyance.  Much like the wind.

What’s that?  You’re not sure how weather and psychical maladies are similar?  I anticipated that.  Stick with me, kittens, and I’ll get you all up to speed.

Both of these things are annoying on their own:

Sore throats are generally uncomfortable.  Even if that’s ALL you have, you feel off and like all you want is hot tea and cold ice cream.  Wind is irritating on its own too.  Even on the sunniest, most cloud-free day, your day can be worried by a gust of wind.  Sure the breeze will cool you off, but that perfect ‘do you were sporting moments ago?  Kiss that goodbye.  Now your hair is doing that stupid flippy thing and try as you might, you won’t be able to fix that.

If that weren’t bad enough, try pairing these inconveniences with other factors:

Sore throats are the worst of the (non-stomach related, of course) ailments.  Why?  They make everything worse.  A headache on its own is annoying.  Couple it with a sore throat and you want to rip your head off.  Aches are uncomfortable on their own.  Couple them with a sore throat and you want nothing more than to spend your whole day in bed.  Sneezes/coughs are irrirtating when they are all you have to deal with.  Couple them with a sore throat and it’s hell–if you’ve ever done one of those really intense sneezes and then felt like the back of your throat just got ripped out, then you know what I’m talking about.

This is just like the wind.  The wind is the worst of the (non-catastrophic, of course) weather phenomena.  The cold is less than pleasant on its own.  Couple it with wind and you’ve got not a cold breeze but a FREEZING wind, making the temperature seem unbearable.  Rain is obviously obnoxious on its own.  Couple it with wind and you’ll have people screaming out that “IT’S RAINING SIDEWAYS!” –wait, that’s just me and Rachel.  We have a bit of a love affair with Ollie Williams (just a note, all my favorite videos of him disappeared…there used to be a “Best of Ollie Williams” video…I can’t find it anymore, but it’s got all the classic lines).  The wind also makes the umbrella situation less Mary Poppins and more “‘where’s your umbrella?’ ‘upside down 2 miles away!'” (another Ollie gem).

And if you happen to have a sore throat on a windy day?  Well, just stay the hell inside because there’s no way you can do anything to fix that situation.


15 thoughts on “Sore throats and the wind

  1. Ha, i am sooo on board with this comparison. My holiday in Gran Canaria in April was virtually RUINED by the wind – even on a lovely day, it was freezing.

  2. I’m betting the best part of a sour throat is still yet to come for you.

    hopefully Boo can help by bringing whiskey, nyquil, lemons, honey and soup.

    that is how to effectively combat a cold.

  3. Gretchen: Thanks!

    Paula: I’m telling you…no good can come from wind!

    Matt: Unfortunately I’m Boo-less this weekend. But don’t you worry, I plan to be in a Nyquil-induced coma by 8:30 pm.

    Andy: Aw geeze, did I? My bad….

  4. oh gawd, the wind at VT? terrible. coupled with the 15 degree weather. no bueno. i got a snowboarding jacket just to deal with the wind and being freezing, yet burning up from speed walking to class. everyone was a red-faced snotting, crying mess once they got to class. it was awesome.

  5. When the wind feels as if it’s going right up your nose to play the kettle drum on your sinuses, you know it’s time to call in sick and sit on the couch watching The Notebook.

  6. Geeze, so apparently Houston isn’t the only place getting nailed by the sickness/allergy bugs. Commiserating from Texas! And BTW, loved the post about the moron and the bus. I’m going to have ‘salmon-colored Blackberry cover’ stuck in my head for days now.

  7. rs27: And NOBODY puts Baby in a corner.

    Meg: Exactly–a bitter breeze is the worst!!

    dmb5_libra: Oh that’s the best: when the wind makes your eyes tear and your nose run and you walk into a lecture hall and everyone wonders what the hell is wrong with you…so classy!

    Dingo: Ah yes, so many movies were watched this weekend too….

    NSJ: That’s my roommate’s favorite as well. I’ve always been partial to “lady’s old!” and “anyone want this dog?”

    Edge: Glad to have someone to commiserate with! And glad to get the Blackberry visual in your head ;)

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