Does your gym judge you?

I did it.  I joined the gym.  Finally.  It took me over a year of living in the city to join the gym that is in my building.  Yeah…IN MY BUILDING.  Over a year.  In my building.

I went up to register and the, uh, main gym guy asked me if I was new to the building.

Uh, well I just resigned my lease?

He gave me a curious look.  I could only respond with:

Yeah…it took me a year to join the gym.

Okay, well, you still get the new residents membership then!

Great.  So I got a discount.  But I didn’t let it slide, head gym guy, that you totally judged me for taking this long to join the gym.

But I did it.  I joined it.  And I actually went last night.  Granted I forewent (is that really even a word?) the main room, with the glass ceilings and the pretty view in a favor of a less populated area to work out.

No, not my apartment.

I went to the scrub machines.  The ones they hide in the hallway (but that still have the good view).  I’m pretty sure these are technically “overflow” machines.  But for me, they were “I haven’t been to the gym in about a year and a half and I should probably not make my debut in the main gym with the athletic folk” machines.

And I stayed there.  For almost 45 minutes. And I sweat (sweated? swat? why doesn’t “sweat” sound right as the past tense of “sweat”?).

And I almost fell off of the elliptical.

But I’m going back.

Maybe not tonight.  Maybe not tomorrow night.

But I’m going.

I won’t let them judge me.



18 thoughts on “Does your gym judge you?

  1. I couldn’t figure out how to get the eliptical to turn on during my first visit. That’s when the lady next to me smirked, leaned over and said:

    “You have to MOVE for it to power up.”

    Don’t give me your attitude, lady. You have to be here more than I do.

  2. Matt: This is going to bother me now. I did an office survey and the vote was for “sweat” but I just don’t feel like I like it. Maybe I’ll just start saying that I swat. “Man…I swat so much last night. It was gross.” How’s that work?

    Ben: You should have stared her down and been all “bitch please, look at my svelte ass, do you think I know how to use these?” Or you know, something equally classy.

    BRR: See, that was my problem. Normally I like the TV. This was just me and my music and the view…kind of a snoozer.

  3. Apollo: In all fairness, the machines were a step up from the rest of the hallway…which I didn’t realize until I walked right off the step and had to pretend that I totally meant to do that b/c…you know…that’s how I cool down from my workouts and stuff.

  4. Meg/Mermanda: I’ve paid. (Ain’t nothing free in NYC) I’m hoping since I’ve actually invested something in this that I’ll, you know, go once in awhile…that remains to be seen!

  5. I have a confession. I have NEVER joined a gym. I can’t tell the people I know for fear of judgement…but seriously, what’s wrong with exercising outdoors?!
    I too don’t like judgement…
    Being trapped in a room with people far superior in their exercise knowledge and experience to me is not something I dream of…it’s more of a nightmare…

  6. Congrats!!! If I had a gym in my building I would probably join, its the effort of having to go any sort of distance to work out that put me off my last gym!

  7. rs27: As long as all your leaving is SWEAT stains, I don’t think anyone has a right to complain.

    kez: I would love to just stick to non-gym exercise but I’m not what you would call “a runner” so that rules that out. And I threw my back out doing Carmen Electra’s Strip-Aerobics, so I was out of options…

    katelin: Well, now that I’ve announced that I joined, maybe I can get readers to admonish me when I skip…

    Paula: It’s all about the locale. My roommate goes to a gym like, 5 blocks from our place, but I couldn’t even manage that!

  8. I joined the gym in my athletic complex, where I can work out beside guys who grunt the whole time, and old ladies who are warding off inevitable death with lat pulls. On a related note, I don’t go the gym often.

  9. And this is why I envy you big city people, because the closest gym to me is about 3 miles away, which, although not really far, is far enough to require a drive.

    And couple this with the fact that I work ’til about 6 p.m. most nights and have a dog that will pee and shit all over herself if I leave her in the crate much past 6:15 p.m., I have little desire to leave my house after arriving home from work and walking the pup.

    Where was I going with this? Oh ya, you suck. (Okay, not really, but I lost my mojo…)

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