I’m feeling prematurely holly AND jolly

I do NOT condone Christmas coming early.  I just don’t.

But I also do not condone the pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks.  It’s gross.  But you already knew I thought that.

I DO CONDONE the gingerbread latte though.  And it’s finally here.  And I’m okay with it.

Not in the mood for my standard bagel and cream cheese this morning I popped in to Starbucks to get a piece of banana chocolate chip cake.  Yum!  I saw everyone leaving with their red cups.  My roommate told me yesterday (when we were eagerly anticipating the arrival of the holiday blends after a tip off from her sister) that nay–it was red cups only and no blends.  This, however, was a different Starbucks.  So I gave it a shot.

Me: Do you have the holiday blends yet?  Like the gingerbread latte?

Barista: Yeah, we do.

Me (surpressing my inner glee): Can I get a tall half-caff gingerbread latte please?

And as I trotted to the pickup counter, baked goods in hand, I looked up at the chalkboard announcing the arrival of my beloved latte (which, by the way, is the only coffee I drink anymore) and what did I see?

Gingersnap latte.

What the crap is that?  Sure, sure, they are technically the same thing…I guess but you can’t change the name on me like that.  Then, as I waited patiently for my whipped cream application, the barista looked at me and asked:

B: Do you want these? We’re supposed to put them on the drink.

Me: Uh, what is that?

B: I don’t know, I just got back to work. (Looks at bottle.) It’s ginger.

Me: Uh…no, no, leave that off.

I don’t want some weird ginger crystal on my drink.  If anything, I’d like a little more whipped cream.  But this…this is just wrong.  Changing the name and adding stuff?

But as I took my first warm sip of deliciousness I forgot all about that.

I forgot that it’s November 5th and I won’t even allow Christmas music until Thanksgiving.  I forgot that I won’t be able to venture into mid-town until probably January b/c of the obnoxious tourist invasion.  And I forgot that I don’t condone Christmas coming early.

After all, I’m sure you could make gingerbread for Thanksgiving, right?



18 thoughts on “I’m feeling prematurely holly AND jolly

  1. I don’t allow Christmas music until Thanksgiving either, but from that day forward? I turn into the Obsessed With Christmas Annoying Girl. I. Love. Christmas. Season. LOVE! :) Happy you got your latte!

  2. Lily: Oh yeah, the Christmas mix does not get added to the iPod until the day after Thanksgiving…but then it plays on repeat until December 31 (I throw a few New Year’s songs on there too–just to extend the mix!)

    Ben: I’m obviously with you. How shall we campaign? Poster board and markers or should we get a little more high tech?

    Matt: Do you really want to challenge me and Ben? Do you? DO YOU?!

  3. Meg: I’m so happy your mocha is back! Promise you get the first one with whipped cream AND sprinkles!

    Apollo: There there…you can still get black coffee…it’ll be okay.

    Heather: Thanks, I’m glad you can support my holiday flavor loving!

    dmb5_libra: Sorry you missed the crystal (meth) ginger invite…I don’t think you missed anything though!

  4. aha, i found the chink in your armor! i watch White Christmas all year long! there’s something about christmas music that’s just magical… even though i too am against it being played in stores until after thanksgiving (um, yah, i walked into Macy*s in SEPTEMBER and saw the giant gift box decorations already being put out…it wasn’t even HALLOWEEN!!!)

  5. So i thought of you the other day. I finally tried the pumpkin latte…and did not like it! I don’t want to drink my pumpkin, I want to eat it in pie, cookie or muffin form. It was not that great. So i’m with you!

    But this gingerbread (snap) you speak of…I may just have to try that next…

  6. Lauren: Yay! Welcome to the good side! And you should totally try the GB(S)L–let me know what you think!

    Sara GH: Apparently our cable company decided that we now get music channels–we may or may not have experimented to see what of the 3 Christmas ones was best….

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