I still think it would taste like soap

I’m very picky about my water.

Ha!  Just kidding.  I could care less about my water.  I’ve never been one of those only-drinks-Evian-or-something-else-ridiculously-overpriced-considering-it’s-still-just-water kind of people.

Recently, I saw this make it to the cooler at my local Gristede’s.

Each time I pass the cooler, I think to myself, “wow, that looks like a bottle of shampoo.”  Still, it got special attention.  I mean, it got its very own cooler.  It was priced more like a liter bottle than just a measly 20 oz bottle.  But I couldn’t bring myself to try it–something about the shape of the bottle…I just felt like it would taste like shampoo.  Even if it didn’t actually taste like it, I keep thinking that, in my mind, I would have this weird psychological reaction to it.  Like in my head, I’d be thinking that someone rinsed out a bottle of Fred Shampoo and was using it as a water bottle.  And that would be, well, gross.  And totally uncool.  And I’m pretty sure unsanitary.
This though, this is no ordinary water.  This is a water that has multiple Web sites:  http://www.lovefred.com/; http://fredspot.com/.  This is a water that you can follow on Twitter.  This is a water that has his own clothing line: https://www.lovefred.com/shopping2.php.  This is a water that seems to have more of an active social life than I do!
So finally, I bought one.  Or rather, my dad bought one and I threw another one in the cart before we checked out (because really, why let your parents take you grocery shopping if you won’t buy silly things like $2 bottles of water?).
And you know what?
It’s not bad.  I mean, it’s not great.  It’s not water to be celebrated through the ages, whose aquatic glory should be shouted from the rooftops.  But it’s still better than tap water.  Or even Brita water.
Plus, I get to drink it out of the way cool bottle.
oooh ahhh
oooh ahhh

laWhich, to be honest, still looks like it once contained shampoo.



15 thoughts on “I still think it would taste like soap

  1. I, too, was thinking of a flask…

    I’m slightly a water snob if Dasani counts as making me snobby… I’ll pay that extra couple cents every single time for it (though I do have a PUR water pitcher for my in-house water needs).

  2. I hate tap water.

    people tell me all the time that theres no difference…that bottled water is filtered the same way as tap water.

    Thats bull. Tapp water tastes disgusting.

  3. NSJ: No, it’s definitely flask-like in person. Boo thinks it looks more like it’s filled with grain alcohol than shampoo:

    MinD: Oooh, I’m pro-Dasani too!

    Kristen: Yeah, that’s a point of concern. Fred is more like what you’d name a puppy…or a person…but not a beverage.

    Matt: No, totally a difference–I can’t do tap water either!

    alexa: You’re gonna go out and buy some Fred now, aren’t you?

    apollo: Not yet…but I may change my tune at the end of this bottle.

  4. i am a Fred insider and i must tell you – it’s fun to see all the comments. in the end, Fred is totally unique and is so against the status quo. and his water is more pure than all the others, which if you actually look at what makes water pure, you will find that Fred is pretty impressive. His nitrates are nearly undetectable while FIJI and Voss don’t publish their nitrate levels. tru

  5. f.o.F,Adam: Haha I’m sure it’s fun to check out the comments–I’ll bet Fred gets some interesting ones! I’ve actually tried Fred again since this post and it is good water (better taste and price than Voss)–plus, I have to say I really love the bottle. (And yes, that’s partly b/c it was fun when my coworkers kept thinking I was drinking straight from a bottle of vodka all day haha!)

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