Big City Kids

Happy Halloween everyone!

This is one of my favorite days of the year.  You all know I’ll do anything to dress up.  And candy?  Hello, what’s not to like?!

But my favorite thing about Halloween is seeing what everyone else came up with.  In this city that takes itself WAY too seriously ALL the time, it’s such a breath of fresh air to see grown men dressed up the like the Joker and grown women in business suits and devil horns.

Much like elementary school, we’re having a party in the office today:

I’m rocking my S. Palin jacket and glasses.  I decided to skip the bangs.  Seemed tricky for the office.

We have a plastic pumpkin filled with candy.  We have mini Halloween cupcakes and super-sized Halloween cookies.

We have a suburban mom, a fancy pig and some guy who’s wearing like, a sock w/an eyeball at the end of it on his head.

On the train I saw the aforementioned devil and Joker costumes.  I’ve seen Shrek headbands, Elvira wigs and a “football player,” though I’m not sure that high socks and short denim shorts make you an athlete.  But hey, there’s always gotta be one person who’s willing to slut it up in their office and sacrifice all feeling in their legs (it’s COLD today) to wear the SHORT shorts (and trust me, I laughed while she shivered through her wait for the 6 train).

But tell me–what’s better than a day when it’s totally socially acceptable to forget that you are an adult, gorge yourself on processed sugar and rock a witch hat like it’s your job?

That’s what I thought.

Happy Halloween everyone!!!


9 thoughts on “Big City Kids

  1. Here I am, in NC, unsure of what I’m doing for Halloween – though I’ll be rocking a slut-tastic Little Red costume, only ’cause I already owned it – and missing the PSU version of this holiday a ton.


  2. MinD: Augh, PSU Halloweens were the best. I slutted it up one year (Eskiho–I should post that picture) and was a frat guy one year (I should post that one too…)

    Matt: Back at ya! Enjoy the candy (slash drinking!)

  3. One of my students came to class in an outlandish getup today. I asked her who she was supposed to be. She said, “What do you mean?” Oh, um, nothing.

  4. rs27: Aw, don’t worry man, maybe people will think you’re starting a new trend!

    Dingo: Yeah…that’s where this holiday gets tricky. Especially in this city.

    Meg: Gee, well, you know…I really did rock the accent. And gosh…if I can figure out how to vlog, maybe I’ll endorse the election tomorrow.

    Katelin: Happy Halloween to you too!

    Lauren: It totally reminded me of elementary school too…kind of awesome haha!

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