I’m torn

As a writer, specifically a blogger, there are certain situations in which I find myself torn.

Situations like this:

Sunday night.

MetroNorth train from CT to Grand Central.

3 guys. 2 girls. Mid-twenties.

The girls knew each other.   The guys knew each other.  The guys met (I assume hit on) the girls at Fairfield.  Then they invaded my train car.

The guys, specifically a shaggy haired one who clearly thought he was The Shit, kept trying to instigate drinking games.  Because of course, what’s a 6pm Sunday train ride w/o a couple of cans of Beast.  That’s right–BEAST.

Shaggy: Okay, we’ll play popcorn.

Redhead: Omg, what’s popcorn?

Shaggy: Didn’t you ever do popcorn reading in school?

Shaggy’s tiny friend: Yeah, like, I’ll say ‘popcorn Alex’ and then you’ll have to drink Alex.  Then you’ll popcorn someone else.

Redhead/Alex: I don’t get it.

STF: Popcorn Alex.  Now you drink.

Alex: What?

Shaggy: Okay, we’ll play another game.  Maybe “never have I ever?”  Ooh, how ’bout the showtunes game?

Alex’s friend: No no!  I’m sure these people don’t want to hear us sing.

*Me, internally*: Oh dear lord no!

STF: They won’t mind if you sing good.

*Me, internally*: OH YES THEY WILL!!!!

I tuned out.  I tried to anyway.  When I tuned back in, Shaggy and Alex’s friend were talking about her aunt’s beach house and how it was “just so funny!” that he had rented there!  Whatever.
But I’m torn.  As a writer, specifically a blogger, I want them to keep talking.  I want them to be as assinine as possible so that I can write about them for all of you.
But, as a normal human being, one who is just trying to get home from a weekend w/her boyfriend w/o killing anyone, I want them to shut up.
I have the internal battle in my mind–throw them off the train while cussing them out for their pathetic attempts to hit on girls who were clearly only talking to them for their beer OR write down all of the stupid crap they said so I can come back here and tell all of you.
It’s a tough call, it really is.

12 thoughts on “I’m torn

  1. Matt: Oh yeah, rail travel is nothing w/o alcohol. Apparently.

    NSJ: Oh trust me, after seeing the look on Alex’s face, I felt WAY better about my life.

    rs27: Nothing is WRONG per say, I just happen to think there are beers that are more…right. THAT’S ALL! I SWEAR! I had some great nights w/Beast!

  2. I have a solution – you kick their asses. That way you have an awesome story and you shut them up. Or get somebody else to distract them and then steal their beer. That could be interesting.

  3. Ha! Yes, I so identify with this one – sometimes I even WANT something like that to happen so I have something to blog about but then I get annoyed when it DOES . . .

  4. Meg: I love the way you think!

    Kez: And there’s often so many linings to choose from ;)

    apollo: true dat.

    Kristen/Lauren: Yeah, it’s a fine line…

    Paula: That’s totally why I’m torn!!!

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