In the spirit of things…

Halloween is on Friday.  And I keep hearing some rumblings about next Tuesday.  Some election or something?

Anyway, this past weekend, Boo and I went to a premature Halloween party.  So I thought, for your viewing pleasure, I would post some pics.

Wait, we're not doing the talent portion?

I totally had to make those bangs.  I don’t mean CUT them in, anyone can do that.  I mean, I did some really fancy work with bobby pins and MADE bangs.  And I brought my flute–just in case we were doing the talent portion :P.

Now before you get on my case about being totally cliched, let me stop and say that Boo and I had some other very clever, totally non-cliched costumes that we just shelved.  For this year, these seemed fitting.  He’s got the scruff.  I’ve got the accent (granted, unless I vlog, I can’t prove that, but if I can figure it out, maybe I will).  Plus, it was a week(ish) before election day–the timing seemed appropriate for these costumes.

Here’s one more from the weekend:

His glasses are cooler than mine

Now I really only posted this one b/c I totally look like my cousin Hailey in it and that’s just crazy!  None of you know Hailey, but that’s not really the point, now is it?  Also, this is what Boo would look like if he shagged out his hair.  And, you know, dyed it a funny reddish color.

So anyway…the party.  It was…interesting.  There were parents.  That always freaks me out.

Host and father were “dominating” the beer pong table.  This is where conflict struck.  The duo seemed to think that double tossing was OK.  You know, where they both throw at the same time?  Yeah, that’s not OK–that’s annoying.  So, to appease the masses, they stopped.  But they started rapid-fire tossing.  As in Pops would throw, then, before we could pull the cup, Sonny Boy would throw it in.

Fine, if you can’t win w/o throwing like that, go ahead.  (Let me also state for the record that they were up against the wall, leaving them no choice but to lean halfway over the already midget-sized table–again, if you want to cheat, knock yourselves out).  So anyway, Pops tosses the ball and it lands in one of Boo’s cups (we split cups b/c we don’t like to drink crappy beer so we were playing w/our own beer and I won’t drink what he drinks).  Boo reaches to pull his cup, SB throws it, and the ball bounces off of Boo’s hand.


Boo: Uh, no, I went for my cup.

And then an all-out shouting match went down.  The kids from SB’s alma mater said that rules dictate that the player can throw the ball before the other cup has been removed and if the ball is deflected, it warrants a reshot.  Everyone else, seriously, EVERYONE else, said no way, bull shit and if you need to cheat to win, go ahead.

SB reshot.  House rules, or some crap like that.  SB missed.  Sad for him.  The next game, the table was pulled out from the wall.  SB and Pops stopped winning after that.

I think it’s necessary for someone, somewhere, to come up with universal rules for beer pong.  No point in everyone having their own house rules–then no one knows how to play.  So, given that there is a certain event being held next week where people will, one way or the other, be able to exercise a great deal of power/decision-making, I think that’s something we should focus on.

Universal beer pong rules.

That’s the real issue here.

*Note, this is not supposed to make light of said upcoming election.  I get that it’s a big important deal.  But I prefer to remain unpolitical over here.  So, deal with it.

**UPDATE: I just got confirmation/clarification from Boo.  Sonny Boy went to CCSU.  One of the other CCSU alum at the party thought that SB was being a douchebag and a cheater (and told him so).  SB’s roomie (who also attended CCSU) totally sided with SB.  We’re starting to think that they were trying to cheat and call house rules school rules, forgetting that there were people there who could blow their cover.


19 thoughts on “In the spirit of things…

  1. I do not know any of the rules for beer pong, let alone how the game actually works. Fuck you, liberal arts college that up until the 80s was women only…

  2. unless the alma mater is UConn their rules don’t count. i’ve played beirut/beer pong at a shitload of schools and those kids are by far the best i’ve ever seen
    i guess there’s not much else to do in the middle of nowhere between Ice Cream 101 and basketball games.

  3. Ben: The rules are only really important when someone cheats….

    Narm:….I think this means you! You totally add that “run around the house naked if the house team wins” rule when you play hot chicks, don’t you?

    Jamie: Oh it’s a good game! Don’t let this post fool you!

    NSJ: There was a UCONN alum in attendance–he obviously ruled with us. We should have used his ruling though. But yeah, us rural schools (PSU alum right here!) we tend to thrive on drinking games.

  4. First of all CCSU isn’t a real school. Sorry I used to live next to it. Secondly, I’ve been to UCONN twice now for recruiting purposes. I’m not sure if it is either. Great basketball team, I’ll give you that… Also Beirut is only good when BOTH SIDES know how to play. Don’t come into a party where 98% of the population plays Beer Pong, and you two are the only ones who know how to play Beirut. The rules are stupid, and I almost had to kill a girl once.

  5. That was whack!!! I asked where Boo got those sunglasses!

    I said something about what is the diff between beruit and beer pong.

    but I worded it very eloquently, as you know I would.

  6. I always play rapid fire. If you don’t pull the cup away in time and two balls go in the same cup (thats gross) then we automatically win.

    It’s the fairest way.

  7. Matt: Augh, I’m sorry, I’m sure it was totally eloquent and hilarious and awesome. As for the sunnies, he borrowed them from our friend who was one of the Beatles–also where he got the wig.

    rs27: Okay, that’s fair. But would you call for a reshot if a hand knocks the ball away? Or would you accept that as the risk you take when you play rapid fire?

  8. My favorite part of this post? A part which I’m sure a lot of people overlooked:

    Categories: i can’t tag everything.
    Tagged: i can’t tag everything.

  9. so@24: I’m glad someone finally appreciated/called me on that.

    alexa: and that’s really all that matters.

    Kristen: then you did it right.

    apollo: no, they really didn’t. and yeah, we really should have. next time…next time.

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