Coinmach 1:, Lauren: 1

Remember my very trying night of laundry a few weeks ago?  No?  Well then, please remind yourselves.

Everyone caught up?

Lovely.  Then I’ll continue.

So I called them today.  Finally.  I don’t know what I’ve been waiting for.  Oh, wait, that’s right, I’m doing laundry tonight so this was logically the first time I would think of this.

It was a surprisingly easy solution.  I called.  They credited.  They didn’t even question me.  AND they said they are going to send someone out to repair the machine.

Only problem?  I forgot that it ate 6 of my dollars, not 4.  That is why I decided this should be a tied score.

On the one hand, I win my $4.20 back.

On the other hand, they botched my laundry night and kept $2.10 of mine.



6 thoughts on “Coinmach 1:, Lauren: 1

  1. I’m impressed they’re giving you money back no questions asked. Hopefully, when they come to fix it they don’t inadvertently make it worse. That has happened to me before.

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated owning my very own washer and dryer as much as I do after reading about your terrible, terrible struggles.

    I think I’ll kiss them both and thank them for their loyal service.

  3. Matt: But I still have to pay to use my washing machine!

    Narm: Well, one of these stupid dryers DID eat a sock. Or a washer did it. I’m not sure how or where or when but suddenly, my sock drawer is one short.

    Meg: I was surprised too. But just out of spite (or smarts) I’m avoiding that dryer from now on.

    Kristen/MinD: You have no idea how much I envy you both.

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