Happy Roomieversary! Happy Apartmentaversary! Um…HAPPY!

So…do you know what today is?  Do you know?  What do you mean you don’t know?  It’s right there in the title of this post!

Today is the 1 year anniversary of my apartment.  It’s the first birthday of The Carton (as it’s affectionately known).

This time last year, Rachel and I finally moved into our place (after a lengthy struggle with some questionable brokers).  We ordered in General Tso’s (due to lack of plates…and silverware) from what has become our go-to Chinese restaurant.  We camped out in our living room, her on a real mattress on the floor, me on my air mattress, and watched my little TV (because you KNOW we made sure to have the cable hooked up asap).

We’ve had some good times in this apartment so far.

We bought (and assembled!) some furniture.

We struggled with our appliances.

We got to know our neighbors.

We got annoyed by getting to know our neighbors.

We decided we were getting to know the wrong neighbors.

We checked out the local wildlife.

We decided we should stay away from all of our neighbors.

We fought with more of our appliances.

We celebrated our building company’s birthday.

We fought with our laundry room.

And we did a lot that never made it to the blog.  So here’s to The Carton.  Happy Apartmentaversary!!!!



*Also, Happy Birthday to a few awesome coworkers!  Thanks for being born–you make the office more fun and we get cupcakes to celebrate!  Also, happy belated (even though I did already wish it non-belatedly) birthday Daddy!*


13 thoughts on “Happy Roomieversary! Happy Apartmentaversary! Um…HAPPY!

  1. I never had a girl roomate to do fun stuff with, but I always wanted one. Somehow dressing my husband in my clothes and making him let me put a facial mask on him just doesn’t cut it.


    I’m jealous.

  2. Ben: Thank you thank you!

    Kristen: Well, give it time. Soon Girlfriend will be of age to throw back a few while you paint each other’s toes.

    Matt: Thank you sir!

    Arjewtino: Who says it’s NOT socially acceptable?

    Jamie: I’m sorry! We’re on cupcake overload! 3 birthdays this week…that’s a lot of cake!

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