It’s time to say ‘goodbye’

I don’t like to say “goodbye.”  I have a hard time with it.  Sometimes, I just can’t do it until the absolute last minute.

For example, if I try out a new recipe and I don’t exactly like how it turned out but I have a ton of leftovers, I can’t throw them out.  I’ll put them in tupperware then put them in the fridge.  In front, at first, as though I would actually eat them, even though I know full well that I wont.  But I can’t throw them out.  I just can’t bring myself to do it.  It has to go into the “staging area” as it were.  I know there isn’t a shot in hell that I’ll be reheating that meal but I also know that I can’t just toss it straight down the shute.

I have the same problem in my closet.  I have a lot of clothes in there that, season after season, just kind of hang out, waiting to be worn.  But I can’t bring myself to part with them.  Even though I know I’d rather do laundry then wear those things (and you KNOW that means a lot) I can’t bring myself to give them up.

In some cases it’s shoppers guilt.  I bought the same style in 3 colors before realizing there was some annoying aspect to the garment that I hadn’t noticed before that would make me stop wearing it.  I bought it at the end of the trend and now feel out of place wearing it.  Either way, I don’t feel quite like I got my money’s worth out of it and I can’t bear to give away something that I barely wore (which is totally backwards logic, I know).

In some cases it’s nostalgia.  It’s a jacket that I absolutely love.  A shirt that I wore the night I went to the best party of my life.  As great as those memories are I know I’m not pulling these things out of my closet anytime soon.  Despite that, these were clothes that I loved, dearly.  That I spent hard-earned paychecks (or less hard-earned birthday checks) on.  I can’t say goodbye yet.

And in some cases its wardrobe staples.  Blazers or button downs or sweaters, all in great condition and still my size.  Pieces that I always think I will still need to pull out of my closet but never will.  And so they sit for a season–my one-time go-to pieces relegated to “well, I’m not in the mood for them today–maybe tomorrow” until they find themselves in the stack of stuff I’ll never wear again.

Sometimes something tricky happens with these last 2 scenarios.  You pack away your staple pieces at the end of the season.  You forget about them until it’s time to unpack.  You pull out jackets, sweaters, and shirts with glee, remembering how much you loved this style last year.  You wait until its chilly enough and throw on a blazer.  Then, halfway through the day, you look down.  And it hits you:

It’s time to say “goodbye.”

The nerdy little blazer that spent season after season accompanying you to class, the bar, wherever.  It was outerwear.  It was innerwear (uh?).  It was adorable for so long and now–yikes!

But still, it tugs at your heartstrings.  You can’t bring yourself to pass this off to Goodwill.  Years of love and now, well, you know you aren’t wearing that again, but you love it too much to toss it.  You just have to realize, and accept that:

It’s time to say “goodbye.”


8 thoughts on “It’s time to say ‘goodbye’

  1. There are so many posts about being packrats today and so far not one of them has made me anymore sympathetic to the newf’s memory hoarding ways.

  2. If you burn it in the fireplace- and actually watch it burn, the healing process will begin much faster.

    I hope that helps you.

  3. Ben: People are just born that way. Either you are a pack rat or you aren’t and never the twain shall meet. Or, you know, become the other… you’re just stuck with your predetermined pack rattery for all time.

    Matt: It would if I had a fireplace.

  4. i’m not good at tossing clothes but i’m getting better (even though i kept a few things that no longer fit just because i love them so much that if i ever was that size again i’d die if i didn’t have them to wear!)
    i just hate seeing all that money basically go in the garbage. i know it’s mean to call Goodwill the “garbage” but i don’t get the tax write off so i’m basically just losing all that money i spent : (

  5. NSJ: I’m getting a little better too. I actually do better when someone is there with me to encourage me. Granted sometimes I need more Stacy/Clinton style encouraging haha!

  6. I’m the same way–it kills me to get rid of stuff. I’ve hung on to all of my “cool” shirts from high school so one day I can piece them together for a blanket or throw or something.

  7. Um, really??? I am totally the opposite! I can’t stand walking into my wardrobe and seeing my previous fashion mistakes! I just donate/trash them at the first opportunity!!

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