My dream job

I’ve always wondered what my dream job was.  The whole time you’re in school, people ask you things like “what do you want to be when you grow up?” and you answer “doctor” or “teacher” or “underwear model” or whatever.  But that isn’t necessarily your dream job.

I’m working in a really awesome job that I totally dig.  But is it my dream job?  Nope.

This is.

I want to work for Barbie.  Well, okay, technically I guess I want to work for Matel, but you get the idea.  My absolute dream job would be to be a designer for Barbie.

Think about it.

You could design stuff that would be loved by the masses–and afforded by them too!  And, if you’re really lucky, your designs could be made into Christmas ornaments from Hallmark!  (I actually own this outfit–it’s just as pretty in real life!  I do not, however, own the ornament, so if any readers are feeling particularly generous, Christmas is coming up).

It took me awhile to realize this was my dream job, but when I finally figured it out, it was like the clouds parted.  I mean, how perfect?  I designed outfits for my Barbies when I was younger–why not do it professionally?

The real trick to this dream job though, is how to actually acquire said position.  There aren’t listings on Craigslist reading “Wanted: designer for totally iconic Barbie clothing @ Matel.”  It’s just not out there.

But if you ever see that listing, I want you to forward it to me asap.  I’ll pack up my Barbie suitcase and be on the next flight to toy history.


16 thoughts on “My dream job

  1. Mermanda: Total buds! And yeah, she freaks the hell out of me too!

    Paula: I know right?! I want to look into this….

    Lauren: All the cool kids know that Barbies are where it’s at.

  2. i struggle with this decision all the time. i have believed i figured it out MANY times… but it never seems to stick. i have though figured out that to do my dream job of the moment i either need to move or start my own business. that blows

  3. I’m sorry I didn’t comment but I thought we had an understanding of my past as a My Little Pony’s man. Barbies weren’t my thing. Their itty bitty shoes were too hard to shove on their gnarled feet.

  4. NSJ: Well, it only blows if this is the dream that sticks. Otherwise, you might come up with a totally new and awesome and non-moving job.

    Ben: The Ken dolls had just as many shoe issues, though far fewer styles of shoe. Maybe your dream job is to name the MLPs?

    BRR: That just made me sad inside.

    MinD: BITCH! Just kidding. But seriously, don’t mess with my Barbies.

    Apollo: My GI Joe’s (aka my brother’s) came to live (in sin presumably) with my Barbies.

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