Prediction debunked!!


So, for once, I’m happy to admit that I was wrong. Rose, the lying little…grrr…isn’t preggers. But she is being kind of a big bitch.

The season premiere of Grey’s was better than expected and it fit a lot of crap into that 2 hours. Rose stabbed Shepard in the OR. Christina got impaled by a huge-ass icicle. The Grey sisters were both a bit whiny (new) and Izzy was also being a bit whiny (so old).  And some rogue Army officer was roaming the hospital, diagnosing people and sucking face with Christina after yanking the icicle out of her gut–and all because he was an Army surgeon and he happened to save a guy’s life by jamming a pen in his throat. Whatever.

That said, I’m still conflicted about my Thursday schedule. I think it’s time I get digital cable.


6 thoughts on “Prediction debunked!!

  1. i haven’t watched grey’s since it started blowing in the second season. judging by the above i made the right decision. there’s nothing on digital on thursday nights either… i watched ER out of boredom last night. made me remember why i stopped watching that too (though i was in tears… less because of the show more because of the subject matter)

  2. NSJ: Yeah…I’ve been a Grey’s fan forever. Last night was not my favorite episode. But I can’t tear my eyes away–hence why it’s crucial I get a DVR asap!

    Alexa: Omg, when Meredith was screaming “nooo!” so was I! I didn’t think they could do that to him.

    Jamie: It’s BS that’s what it is! You can’t bring it back just to take it away from me again.

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